Cottweiler ft. Reebok Spring/Summer 2018 London

By Lorelei Marfil

Cottweiler designers Matthew Dainty and Ben Cottrell looked to the optimism and escapism of off-grid desert communities for spring and created a mobile home setting with models strutting around caravans.

“We’ve always been interested in technology and also in that kind of whole environment and technology together,” said Cottrell. “People that survive those kind of environments. We went to the California desert for a week and we stayed in a really small kind of town in the middle of nowhere and spent a week researching and just spending time together. The feeling of the plants, the grounds, the lizards and everything. It was good.”

This helped update their signature track suit silhouette, yielding a contemporary range. They worked in lightweight hoodies, a poncho, shorts, T-shirts and track pants in desert hues of sand, sage, ivory and a deep lava.

Credits: Guillaume Roujas for nowfashion.com
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