Farm Boy in Hollywood: Lucas Bloms by Travis Lane /PnV Exclusive

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Recently, I had the chance to catch up with popular Lucas Bloms, whom I interviewed for Fashionably Male in November, 2016. Since then, Lucas finally made the big move and landed on the West Coast in Hollywood.

Wrapping up the winter modeling season in Miami, Lucas took a pass on their heat and humidity, and headed to the Northeast. He explained, “I made my way up to New York for a month. I stumbled around up there for a while, but the city life really wasn’t for me.   It just wasn’t a good fit for my personality or my look.”

So Lucas packed up again and moved to Los Angeles. “I’ve been living in West Hollywood all summer and loving it! I signed with DT Model Management (David Todd) out there and they put me to work immediately. I’m very happy with my newest agency.”

Lucas actually grew up on a farm in Berthold, North Dakota. He got a master’s degree in kinesiology. Later, he backpacked across the planet…specifically Europe, Asia and Australia. He even lived for a while in Australia, where his modeling career began. In comparing his two most recent homes, LA and Miami, Lucas said, “Life in LA is very similar to Miami. It just feels more permanent and real. Miami can sort of feel like a vacation all the time and you wonder if you ever really belong.”

In addition, Lucas has caught the acting bug again in Tinseltown. After appearing as an extra in several productions when he lived in Georgia, he has re-discovered his desire to be on screen. He commented, “I’ve been taking some classes, going to auditions, and filming self-tapes. It’s still a very fun challenge and I can feel myself getting more comfortable with it.”

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At 6’2” tall, blue-eyed, blonde-haired Lucas’ talents are always in demand. While in California, Lucas has been able to meet and work with some new photographers like Tony Duran and Jerrad Matthew. He has also recently collaborated with Travis Lane who captured Lucas posing amidst rich, outdoor scenery in the striking new images that you see here.

Also, be sure to catch my full-interview with Lucas from November right here:     https://fashionablymale.net/2016/11/28/lucas-bloms-backpacking-his-way-to-stardom-pnv-exclusive/

Lucas Bloms by Travis Lane :PnV Exclusive1Lucas Bloms by Travis Lane :PnV Exclusive2Lucas Bloms by Travis Lane :PnV Exclusive3Lucas Bloms by Travis Lane :PnV Exclusive4Lucas Bloms by Travis Lane :PnV Exclusive5Lucas Bloms by Travis Lane :PnV Exclusive6Lucas Bloms by Travis Lane :PnV Exclusive7Lucas Bloms by Travis Lane :PnV Exclusive8Lucas Bloms by Travis Lane :PnV Exclusive9Lucas Bloms by Travis Lane :PnV Exclusive10

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