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MTV VMAs 2017: Some Boys got Style – Some Boys Don’t:

These were the best dressed celebrities on the red carpet at the VMAs 2017

The MTV VMAs red carpet always bring s a little shock and intrigue when is about how good guys are going to wear. However, this year, looks were statuesque or shrunken, and a tad more trashy than nice. The youngest best dresser, Shawn Mendes, brought the most casual chic to the carpet in Armani, I’m not surprised he looked so freaking good in that Armani suit.

And Jared Leto? Well, true to form, he brought it. Some boys got style – some boys don’t. But I hope all this new generation of artists and performers when they won their first big check they can get a nice stylist and shop nice clothes.

From worst to WTF:

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They are OKAY!

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Best Dressed 🎩👔


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