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From a little town in the middle of nowhere – Osceola, Iowa – here comes Matthew Mason with all the support of photographer Joem C. Bayawa and Lily’s Talent Agency.

Matthew Mason is a handsome guy 6’4″, with an incredible body, super positive attitude, and humble. Can you believe this beautiful human being has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Personal Trainer? This is all about Matthew Mason, snapped by Joem C. Bayawa in Chicago.

Matthew Mason for Fashionably Male (1)Matthew Mason for Fashionably Male (2)

The story begins in a small town of Osceola, Iowa. “When I was 8 years old my family moved to Iowa. My father retired from the military after putting in his 20 years. We had moved around my whole life, after he retired we decided to settle down in Iowa where both of my parents were originally from. Here, in Osceola, I would spend the next 10 years of my life attending Clarke Community High School. I was a natural athlete and enjoyed and played all sports year round; basketball, football, track and baseball.”

Matthew Mason for Fashionably Male (3)Matthew Mason for Fashionably Male (4)

Restless but determined, Matthew decided to focus solely on academics and attend Iowa State University.  “This would be the toughest few years of my life, not because of the challenge of school but because I could not make up my mind on what I wanted to study and do for the rest of my life (I still have no idea). I changed majors 3 times. I ended up sticking with Kinesiology with a focus on Exercise Science. I always had a passion for fitness and lifting weights, so I thought why not make a career out of it. After 6 years of switching majors I finally graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree”.

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Matthew Mason for Fashionably Male (5)Matthew Mason for Fashionably Male (6)

After college and living in Iowa for the majority of his life, he decided he needed a change, a big change. “I pursued an internship in Chicago. I applied for an intern position as a personal trainer for the summer and was accepted. The whole summer was a blast, I had never lived in such a big city. There was so much to do, I had no idea what to actually do at times when I wasn’t working. After the summer and internship had ended, I was offered the job and took it. I have now been with this company for 2 years and love every bit of personal training. The reward with helping change someone’s life for the betterment is such a great feeling. Helping others live healthier, happier and possibly even longer is wonderful”.

Matthew Mason for Fashionably Male (7)Matthew Mason for Fashionably Male (8)

Since I was 10 years old and all throughout high school I had wanted to model and act. Growing up in a small town in the middle of no where, this was a tough goal to tackle. I was in a few plays here and there during my high school career but nothing huge. I knew no one, I had no connections, I had no idea where to start. That dream seemed like a dead end after high school, and the thought of it all would be put in the back of my mind to sit for the next few years.

Matthew Mason for Fashionably Male (9)Matthew Mason for Fashionably Male (10)Matthew Mason for Fashionably Male (11)

But we think, Matthew had so lucky, because he never looked back and he was so determined in his actions, but like any young guy, he doubted about himself, that’s why when he stepped into Chicago “I could finally kick start this modeling/acting. The only thing holding me back now was the fear of failing. But the more and more I thought about this fear, another fear arose”.

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He continued “The fear of regret. It then became clear to me that I would rather try to pursue this and fail miserably, than to have never tried at all and regret it for the rest of my life and always wonder what if. So I reached out to a photographer to have some headshots done. Once I received the headshots back, I immediately started submitting to agencies throughout Chicago. Two days later after submitting my photos I already had an agency interested, I was ecstatic. I went in for a meeting with Lily’s Talent Agency and signed with them within the week. I truthfully couldn’t believe some of these things were falling into place, I didn’t exactly know what to think or feel”.

Matthew Mason for Fashionably Male (12)Matthew Mason for Fashionably Male (13)

“The first thing I was told to do after signing was to get more shots done. My agent, Oliver, referred me to Joem Bayawa to have more lifestyle shots done for my portfolio. I reached out to Joem and we scheduled some dates right away. He even took me shopping for some outfits for our shoot days before. Working with Joem was a blast. After seeing the shots he captured I can honestly say I couldn’t believe that I was looking at myself in the photos, his work was incredible. This was my first ever photoshoot and it could not have been a better experience. To top it all off, Joem referred me to a contact of his for a runway show that same week. I ended up doing the runway show during the Latino Fashion Week for the new Line of clothing, Good Circles. This was one of the greatest and most fun experiences I have ever had. I never pictured myself doing runway, but loved every second of it”.

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Matthew Mason for Fashionably Male (14)

The pictures exposed here are a collaboration between Matthew and Joem. Is not the first time Joem takes under his wing to young talents, Joem have helped lots of natural talented people to developed into fashion world.

“In the short amount of time I have been signed with my agency, I have gotten such great feedback from family and friends. I am enjoying every bit of the experience so far and truly hope I can take it much further. My end goal through all of this is to gain experience with modeling, get comfortable with being in front of the camera and eventually shift over into acting. I am truly grateful for all the help and support I have gained thus far in this journey”.

Matthew Mason for Fashionably Male (16)

Photographer: Joem C. Bayawa
Grooming & Makeup and Styling: Joem C. Bayawa

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