Jason for Rufhouse Magazine Issue 10 Volume 02

Pay attention to the newest Rufhouse Magazine Issue 10 Volume 02 where Jason in all denim by Rufskin is portraying by Hubert Pierre Pouches.

Jason a Wold in Denim Clothing

Jason Blair is a bodybuilder, Instagram model who likes be a pilot, who likes and enjoy motorcycles, go to skiing, skydiving and bungee jumping.

A man who likes high adventures, a man who likes to be sexy in denim, a man who enjoys his sexiness in denim.

With a production by Douglas Coats, the shooting took over at Rancho Mirage at California.

For the last 16 years, Rufskin crafted in California, has been positioned in the favorite for all inclusive men, who enjoys for a little bit of attraction, but dedicated to enjoy and have a fetish on underwear.

But also for guys who loves to live outside of a bubble, who loves to be adventures, no matter what, who loves to live risk on the edge everyday.

Dare yourself to live that unique experience with Rufskin

RUFSKIN offers a full range of products including denim, swim, underwear, sport and leisurewear.

All products are available at rufskin.com, the San Diego storefront, and at selected retailers around the world.

New capsule collections are launched regularly, capturing the essence of the current moods.

“We saw a niche, a need for a denim jean that wasn’t existing in the marketplace at the time,” Coats said. “At that time, it was a lower-waist, boot-cut style.”

Both were influenced by the masculinity of Tom of Finland and the attraction they had with the gay culture seen in ’70s gay porn.

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“It was raw, fabulous and artistic,” Pouches said. “Back then it was real guys, that is why we called it Rufskin. Guys, hair, mustaches, edgy, rock ‘n’ roll, sexy and we had no restrictions. We did designs in the beginnings that showed butt cleavage. We had jeans named Hustler and Trick, always pushing the envelope. It was a sexy jean and a little daring.”

As the company grew, Pouches said the vision never changed.

“That was our thing, keeping it edgy,” Pouches said. “The second big thing was California. Everything had to be made in California.”

Coats —  co-founder, president, marketing, promotions (“I write the checks”) — said that they also hire locals. Having everything local within California was always “their thing.”

Since Rufskin manufactures locally as a mid-sized company, Pouches and Coats are able to work the way they want to work. Most designers do a spring, summer, fall and winter collection.

“We live in a part of the country where it is kind of sunny all of the time. So we like to launch new things whenever we can and whenever we want,” Coats said.

“This is the structure we decided to have for the company itself,” Pouches added. “I don’t have to work for anyone else, take orders and then manufacture. We create whatever we create every few weeks, it goes straight into production, and that’s it. When you want to see what is new, just go to our site, find it, if you want it, then pick it. If you wait six months, it might not be there. We’ve had this off-track, off-calendar, off-everything approach since day one. Now, 16 years later, it has worked great for us.”

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Rufskin opened stores in New York, Amsterdam and Miami with a big launch, adding to its collection designs to fit each region. Pouches said it was nothing short of a “big mess.” He was designing clothes that did not fit the original California style they began with.

After three years, they dropped the stores.

“We went back to the capsules. We create small groups of five to eight pieces,” Pouches said. “We manufacture, we grab Logan [Swiecki-Taylor], our model for six years now, we go to the desert, do the images and it’s a done deal.”

Coats said they wanted to be involved in other styles of clothing, but their customers were used to the existing Rufskin style.

“There is exclusivity. It’s almost like a private club of people who know who we are,” Coats said. “We have people that come to San Diego and one of the top things on their lists is to visit Rufskin. They know that this is the only store where they can buy it.”

Pouches said it’s what they call the Southern California triangle, (or the pink triangle, as Coats calls it). This concept is where people go to Los Angeles, they spend a weekend in Palm Springs “to fry,” and then on their way out, come to San Diego.

“It’s the same here at the store,” Pouches said. “We put out new designs on Thursday and Friday and by the end of the weekend, we have customers buying every style in every size. They know us and if it is in the range of their products, they buy it right away. What you see is in stock, what you don’t see, it’s already gone.”

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And what are the plans for Rufskin’s future? Coats said for a couple of years they embraced the concept of Gaylifornia, a brand it now owns.

“This goes back to the day when California was known as this big gay mecca, during the Harvey Milk era, Venice Beach, Muscle Beach and this is something we are going to be revisiting soon,” Coats said. “But the next big thing is our stretch denim jeans, underwear and swimwear, something we did at the beginning and debut of the company.”

“For our 15th year, we went back to the pure essential Rufskin vibe,” Pouches added. “It’s denim, it’s California, it’s sexy and it’s what put us on the map. Trying to fit in doesn’t work with us. I don’t follow trends or seasons, I don’t have to.”

Check out the rest of the photography by Hubert, Jason fulfills the fantasy of many wearing the California Dust Collection.

You like any Rufksin piece from here? you’d better go to ruskin.com

Photography Hubert Pierre Pouches @hubertrufskin
Production Douglas Coats @dougrufskin
Talent Jason Blair @jjbear83

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