It’s Sunday Game! Check out hunks get ready to Super Bowl 2018 by JONO

And they only need a Wilson ball! 🏈

Check out three hunks get ready to enjoy Super Bowl 2018 snapped by Jono Madison.

In the first picture we have this handsome young man Bj Woolfolk signed by I Am Model MGMT, Eagles fan, actor, model, an unique beauty. And Bj is modeling with a Wilson ball just to cover his privates.

Then we have hottie with a body instagrammed/actor/athlete model Christian Olivo everybody loes Christian, is because this gentleman looks so sexy and handsome in every single frame, and he is ready to give you all Super Bowl advice that you can’t imagine.

We recently exposed Christian in this sexy portrait session, don’t forget to visit.

David Turner a beautiful young man with dashing bone structure bone face and hot body, we never forget David because we exhibited a few time ago in a pics by Jono, catch him here, and he still is a fitness addict, as we can see, follow him onto Snapchat/IG, he’s constantly sharing pictures and vids to his fans.

Photographer: JONO Photography jonophoto.com / @jonophotography
Christian Olivo @instachristiano
David Turner @dturn92
Bj Woolfolk @bjwoolfolk

  1. Gordon Harris

    David Turners is a great looking man with a wonderful physique.

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