6 Secrets to Look Better in Photos

As an adult, it is practically impossible to stay away from photos. However, most adults struggle with looking right in pictures and have no idea what to do about it. Well, do not worry. If this is your daily struggle, then you might find some solace in knowing that there are some things you can do to look good in photos. With our tips, you will no longer have to wonder how the models do it, and you will feel natural as someone begins to take the snaps.

6 Secrets to Look Better in Photos

Read below for tips that will help you make the best of that selfie or group photo.

1- Do More-Don’t Just Smile

A smile is undoubtedly the best makeup you can wear. However, you can do more than just smiling for the camera. You can laugh or open your mouth slightly for a natural look or even make a weird expression with your face, and you will be surprised what it can do for your photos. Did you know that trying to pull off the same smile over and over, works against you because eventually your face tenses up?

Remember to smile with your eyes too. There is a reason they say the eyes are a window to the soul.

2- Avoid Bar and Restaurant Lighting

Bars and restaurants can be beautiful places with the right ambiance. However, the overhead light in most of these places does not work well with photos. Often, the kind of lighting in these places will result in under-eye circles and uneven skin tones.

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6 Secrets to Look Better in Photos

To make the best out of the light settings in this place, ensure your face is facing the light source. You can as well take advantage of the natural lighting at dusk as the sun tends to cast fewer shadows downwards, which eliminates the possibility of looking all eye-baggy in the photo. Instead, you get a younger-looking, beautiful version of yourself.

3- Move Around and Change Positions

Keep moving instead of staying at the same place as someone tries to take pictures of you. Some of the best shots come from moving people as they seem more natural. Stroll in circles as the photographer does his/her thing, and you will end up with some fantastic, candid shots.

Also, do not let the camera catch you in the same place all the time. Move around. After all, you are not a scarecrow stuck to the ground with no control over your body. Staying in the same position and place is uncomfortable and unnatural because you start looking like a live mannequin. Shift the weight between your hips and move your shoulders differently, even move your neck and see the difference it makes.

4- Study the Celebs

Are you wondering why celebrities are always looking like cover-page models during their shoots? The secret lies in the pose.

A classic pose that will not fail you involves turning your body up to three-quarter way towards the cameraman, then putting one foot forward and leaning one shoulder closer to the photographer. Facing the camera head-on works against you by making the body look wider. However, this famous celeb pose, when done right, catches the body at best and in a natural angle. Also, ensure your posture is correct: A straight spine, belly in, buttocks tight and shoulders leaning back. 

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5- The Makeup

Do you look like the Kardashians in your photos? Well, apart from the lighting and changing positions, putting your makeup into play can do wonders. According to beauty enthusiasts from this article, the foundation you use can either shine or mess with your general appearance. Often, every individual is looking for a foundation that exceeds their expectations, lasts longer, and doesn’t oxidize. So, which is the right foundation to give that excellent look? Well, you can find reviews over the best-selling foundations you can consider for your fantastic face. 

6 Secrets to Look Better in Photos

Do not apply a single coat of foundation as it will appear pasty and flat in your photos. Instead, utilize your concealer only on your imperfections and shadowy areas such as under the lip line and around the eye sockets. Blush your cheeks with a warm shade and put on that cherry lipstick you have always wanted to try as this will work better than a nude shade. 

6- Consider Your Style

It is wise to be camera-ready by investing in the right outfit. A general rule of thumb is to shift from the patterns and aim for a cinched waist and long lines. Thin belts, heels instead of wedges, a-line skirts, tailored blazers, and vertical stripes make for a good time and also some fantastic photos.

Taking the right photo can be difficult. However, this doesn’t mean that your pictures can’t come out like those from your celebrity crush. You don’t need a professional photographer or studio for all that to happen. The secrets above can help you get it right and good. Now go out and take some perfect pictures.

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