Shawn is one of the covers for #thenocturneissue, photographed by Brad Elterman and styled by Sean Knight, in the cover wearing Gucci shirt, Guess jeans, and Calvin Klein underwear.

Ways Of Expressing Yourself Through Fashion

Fashion has always been a subject of interest for many people all over the world. Fashion is a way of expressing our style, personality, and preferences through items of clothing. Many people consider that fashion is about showing off designer pieces that cost millions. However, that’s not entirely true. As long as you wear the right clothes that compliment your image, then you can consider yourself a fashionable person. In order to be fashionable, you don’t need a lot of money; you only need to choose clothes that enhance your features.


Furthermore, people who want to be fashionable need to be creative and dare to wear items that are bold. An attention-grabbing presentation is a key aspect of this case. Even though fashion is based on personal style and preference, it is nice to experiment now and then. Some of the main advantages of style include the fact that fashion is an extension of your personality that makes you feel comfortable in your skin.

Dress for You

When you’re purchasing clothes, you should remember that they should reflect your personality. Try to wear items of clothing that represent who you are. Don’t allow the outside world dictate what you’re wearing. You can always ask people for opinions, but you should never let them decide the clothes that you’re wearing unless it’s a stylist. Your wardrobe should be about you, not about people you see in magazines or on the catwalk. Let your personality shine through and wear only clothes that make you feel and look good.

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In order to discover your style, you can look for inspiration online or in magazines. Then you could put together a photo collage and describe why you like each item of clothing. Doing this gives you a clue about your style preference.

Shawn Mendes

Be Creative 

Fashion does not only mean that you need to play it safe and wear clothes that are in your comfort zone. On the contrary! A good thing about fashion is the fact that it allows you to experiment and be bold. Don’t be afraid to take risks. As long as you’re feeling comfortable in your own skin, it should all be fine. If you want to be inspired at all times, you could change your desktop background to a fashion picture. A background maker tool allows you to create something inspiring by combining images and color schemes. Experiment with different elements and background maker.


Go Simple 

Another way of making a good impression on people is by dressing simple but smart. Not everyone is confident enough to wear bold pieces. Therefore, you can always opt for simple mix-and-match items of clothing. However, if you’re feeling daring one day, it is quite simple to add an “interesting” item to your outfit. It could be a fancy shirt, some chic jewelry, a funky tie or an unexpected watch. In order to be able to express their personality, you should aim to follow their heart.


No matter what you’re wearing, make sure to be confident because everyone will see that. It does not matter the size of your clothes as long as you’re wearing them with pride.

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In conclusion, it is important to emphasize the fact that everyone should build a wardrobe that represents who they are as a person. Once you do that, you’ll find out how to express yourself through fashion.

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