Five Things About: Pietro Boselli Shots by BJ Pascual for BENCH/ BODY

While we reading 5 things about Pietro Boselli —our obsession continues— lets also enjoy this new pictorial from photographer BJ Pascual represented Artists&Company Work, exclusive for BENCH/Body. Photography was taken when Pietro was invited to be the special host on the 30th Anniversary #Bench30Years this past November 2017.

Take a seat at Pietro Boselli’s lecture. The world’s hottest math teacher has a few new lessons to teach. Words by Cedric S. Reyes.

In the photo of Pietro Boselli that went viral in 2015, he’s standing before his students, wearing a grey t-shirt and some no-nonsense work trousers. He’s looking down at some documents, and his face is barely visible. Some equations are scrawled out on the whiteboard behind him.

Pietro seemed to be in serious thought, and this was the way he was introduced to the world. The photo made rounds on social media and web publications, with Pietro billed again and again as “The World’s Hottest Math Teacher.” The allure was clear. Finally, an attractive man who thinks.

1. He hails from the industrial capital of Italy.
Born and raised in Brescia, Italy, Pietro spent most of his life in his hometown until he decided to pursue his degree in Engineering at the University College London (UCL). Brescia is credited as Italy’s business capital.

2. Pietro started modeling at age six.
Long before the washboard abs, Pietro was already a fashion model. He’s been posing for Armani Junior since he was scouted at age six by Giorgio Armani himself.

3. While teaching at UCL, Pietro tried to keep his modeling career a secret.
Pietro still accepted the occasional modeling gig despite his day job as a professor of Engineering at his alma mater. He tried to keep his side gigs under wraps. “I was ashamed,” he told The Times UK, “I thought people in academia would look down on me.”

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4. As a member of the academe, Pietro also knows how to write a good dissertation.
Pietro isn’t just an Engineering professor. He’s also published a number of academic papers, including one entitled, “An Inverse Design Based Methodology for Rapid 3D Multi-Objective-Multidisciplinary Optimization of Axial Turbines.” Sounds like a thriller.

5. His biggest dream to start an engineering firm.
Despite his fruitful career as a model, Pietro’s long-term goal still comes back to his true love: engineering. He describes his ideal organization to Wonderland Magazine as “creative, a hub where people can create new inventions.”

Photographer BJ Pascual @bjpascual / @studiobjpascual / www.bjpascual.com
Model Pietro Boselli @pietroboselli
Styled by David Milan @mrdavidmilan
Grooming by Jesus Donde @dondejesus
Produced by @milkmanmarketing

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  1. he’s pretty.. and hunky all in one.

  2. Gordon Harris

    Pietro is a real hunk.

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