Unleashed & Uninhibited: Don Hood by Paul Reitz

A PnV Network Exclusive

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Modeling agencies, clients, photographers and fans alike all love Don Hood. A veteran of the modeling world, Don knows how to pace himself. While he loves the day-to-day modeling of fashions, sometimes Don prefers to showcase his hard work at the gym, and the exhibitionist component of his personality. It’s worth noting that people never complain about this!

A few weeks ago, Don posed for NYC-based photographer Paul Reitz. These two have formed a special bond since their first collaboration six years ago. “Working with Don is so easy and so much fun for both of us.”  

“We have a tremendous rapport and affection for one another, and I think that connection is evident in the final images,” Reitz commented. He said that they intentionally avoid big productions, big sets, crews, and anything that distracts from capturing the simplicity in Don’s beauty and masculinity.  

“We have a lot of fun shooting, and he never misses an opportunity to crack a joke, or to bring levity to the shoot.” Reitz reflected, “In truth, any time we connect, or text, or even message each other, he does so with humor and warmth that sets him apart from the pack.”

Reitz added, “I think Don’s enjoyed such a successful career because he brings professionalism, an infectious energy and enthusiasm, and of course, his magnetic appeal to his work.” According to Reitz, Don’s experience in various projects gives him the advantage of understanding the business very well. “He knows what is really important within the business at the end of the day.”

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Paul Reitz is a leading international photographer. With 30 years of experience, Paul is known for shooting dramatic images of men with an emphasis on body and beauty as well as editorial fashion style.   

Paul got his first 35mm Nikon camera in high school for his birthday. Growing up, most of his photographic experience came from childhood road trips to America’s West, shooting landscapes such as mountains and deserts. The Oklahoman eventually arrived in NYC and stunning male models replaced the cactus and river bed images. Paul is a noted sports fan, including his allegiance to the Oklahoma Sooners and New York Jets.

Enjoy Don Hood Unleashed & Uninhibited by Paul Reitz in this PnV/Fashionably Male exclusive.

To follow Don Hood on social media, go to:

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/dhood84/
Twitter:   https://twitter.com/Dhood84

To see more work by Paul Reitz:  

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/paulreitzphoto/
Web:  http://www.paulreitzphoto.com/

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