Joem Bayawa presents gorgeous model: Nathaniel Bell – Exclusive

Amazing photos of another gorgeous model based out in Atlanta, Georgia: Nathaniel Bell portraying by Joem Bayawa.

Let’s see, Nathaniel is a Chiropractic student and personal trainer back in Atlanta, a well focused fitness and healthy lifestyle commander, giving the 100% every single day.

Nathaniel Bell, originally from Orlando, grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. Being the youngest of four boys, he grew up with a very competitive nature, playing outdoors and in sports growing up.  Some of his favorite sports are soccer, tennis, and boxing.

Growing up with a single mother and in the south, made a very humble and hard working person.

After getting a bachelors in psychology while personal training and modeling, he realized he wanted to pursue something more and venture out.

He moved to Atlanta for chiropractic school to pursue his passion for health and wellness while further succeeding in his modeling career.

Since in Atlanta, he’s been thriving in the big peach while still personal training high end clients, succeeding in school, and still progressing his modeling experience and traveling.

He recently made his way to Chicago and shot with the wonderful Joem Bayawa. “With three years under his belt, it was one of his favorite shoots to date”.

And you can’t keep your eyes off of him, he’s divine, you feeling a big magnet attraction to see over and over again to Nate, he’s a pure soul as well. don’t forget to follow him on IG.

He loved working with Joem because he has such a fun and friendly attitude while showing true direction and professionalism to create amazing fitness and fashion portraits. Nathaniel (Nate) felt very comfortable with Joem and had a great flow and clearly has a talent to capture the best look out of a model.

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Photography by Joem Bayawa:
Instagram ~ @joembayawaphotography
Twitter ~ @joembayawaphoto

Model Nathaniel Bell @nate_bell08

  1. beautiful muscled men , musles are not too big just in shape

  2. He’s beautiful. I’d like to help him slip out of the briefs and enjoy what’s out front. I like it that he’s nude in a few photos but wish he wasn’t so modest.

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