Rick Owens Spring Summer 2019 Paris

Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2019 Paris

Gothics at Palais de Tokyo

Here’s a look at Rick Owen Spring/Summer 2019 Paris stunning show today, set to the amazing backdrop of the Palais de Tokyo our favorites place in Paris.

To catch some sunshine and watch the skater boys and girls flip some ollies.

Owens knows how to work the grandeur of this location to his advantage, using it to frame wide-legged pants and frayed tees that both contrast and compliment the sleek lines of the museum’s architecture.

Owen’s line’s are sleek too, but in a different way, in a heavily-deconstructed, layered way (actually they are influenced by goth culture and aesthetic and have you ever seen our goth dance video?

See also  Junya Watanabe Spring/Summer 2016 Paris

See our feed; this is that but much more advanced and with better styling). For all the grandeur and splendor of this location.

Owen’s manages to send pieces down the runway that neutralizes it and make us forget we’re at the Palais (or in our homes/offices/studios watching this take place at the Palais) and transport us instead to another world.

One we don’t know yet but where we’re convinced whomever comes up to us will be wearing this fantastic robe/cape.

Good job, Rick Owens: @rickowensonline.

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