Maison Margiela Spring Summer 2019 Paris

Maison Margiela Spring/Summer 2019 Paris

Show designed by John Galliano’s ‘Artisanal’.

The iconoclastic, avant-garde fashion house, founded in Paris in 1988 Maison Margiela Spring/Summer 2019 Paris.

This is the vinyl leather plastic ode presented by designer John Galliano. A true fashion show that takes us to where art meets fashion and fashion meets plastic.

Though Galliano and @tonymatelli worked independently, their processes are not dissimilar.

Both employ meticulous craftsmanship and find their creative impulse in their own visceral engagement with the external world.

John Galliano feat. Tony Matelli

For Maison Margiela, Tony Matelli presenting a series of four Vanitas sculptures, repurposed concrete and marble statuary that has been scoured.

Sandblasted and defaced in an effort to expose the vulnerability of a seemingly permanent material.

To present four recent sculptures, marking the second time that the designer has asked an artist to show new work at Maison Margiela.

The resonances between the designer and artist are revealed in the way that each employs deconstruction, juxtaposition and trompe l’oeil to provocative effect.

Stay tuned for the reveal of 1st Artisanal Men’s Show:

A vanitas is a work expressing the transience of life: Scattered irreverently atop these seemingly classical and heroic ruins are perishable

Edible items such as pieces of orange and watermelon, but cast in bronze, a precious material, and painted to appear utterly realistic.

To see the full show go to Maison Margiela: @maisonmargiela.

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