Krizia Robustella Spring/Summer 2019 080 Barcelona

Modern collection with sportif details

Spanish designer Krizia Robustella Spring/Summer 2019 080 Barcelona presents a modern collection with sportif details at Sant Pau Recinte Modernista.

“Fancy Feast” its the Spring/Summer 2019, luxury and excesses in the new collection of the designer Krizia Robustella.

As a fantasy of the cocktail parties, the assistants will be dressed in steamy, elegant fabrics with lots of brilliance.

Champagne glasses, ice sculptures, a touch of love and a lot of fun. We provide for this celebration!

Check for the SS19 collection:

Krizia who?

Krizia Robustella is a self-defined fashion brand as “Sport Deluxe.”

Which takes the sporting pieces of the last decades as a reference to create an own universe, in which comfort fuses with luxury.

And luxury is transformed into shapes and fabrics so far relegated to the informality scale.

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Krizia Robustella on Instagram: @kriziarobustella.

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