Brain&Beast Spring/Summer 2019 080 Barcelona

Collection Talisman / Aesthetic Torsion Nº1

This is the extravagant and exotic presentation of Brain&Beast Spring/Summer 2019 080 Barcelona at Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau.

Unus mundus, literally a world, or a single world, is a term that refers to the concept of a unified underlying reality from which everything emerges and to which everything returns.

Popularized by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung and related to his time with the concepts of archetype and synchronicity.

Collective Unconscious.

Archetype refers to a construct proposed by Carl Gustav Jung to explain all those dreamlike images and fantasies that correlate with special similarity to universal motifs belonging to religions, myths, legends, etc.

It would be those autonomous ancestral images that are the basic constituents of the collective unconscious.

Synchrony is understood, according to Jung, in the simultaneity of two events linked by meaning but in an causal way.

Prompting the conclusion that there is an intimate connection between the individual and its surroundings.

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Exercising an attraction that ends up creating coincident circumstances, which are usually related to chance, coincidence, luck or even magic.

Like Jung, the Nobel Prize in Physics Wolfgang Pauli claimed that synchronicity was one of the expressions that characterized the Unus Mundus.

A unified reality from which everything that exists emerges and to which it returns.


Thus, is a succession of archetypes that work like amulets that promote synchronous events.

Making the underlying and enigmatic reality come to the surface.

Used for the purpose of attracting fortune and turning destiny into success as well as ironizing about bad luck.

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