Krammer & Stoudt Spring Summer 2019 New York

Krammer & Stoudt Spring/Summer 2019 New York

CFDA Fashion is the Official NYFW: Men’s will feature a mix of new and returning designers.

Krammer & Stoudt is an East Coast label with West Coast cool. Designer Michael Rubin takes inspiration from his California roots and executes the collection with Made-in-New York precision..

The Krammer & Stoudt Spring/Summer 2019 New York held at Creative Drive in 55 Water St. New York City.

Days in Japan

The Spring/Summer 2019 Collection was inspired by Designer Mike Rubin’s first visit to Japan this past spring.

The intersection of peaceful contemplation with the organized chaos of Tokyo, and a lifelong appreciation of the illustrative work of the Japanese artist Hokusai, informed the design process.

Krammer & Stoudt Spring Summer 2019 New York

Husband-and-wife team Michael Rubin and Courtenay Nearburg decided to collaborate.

Bringing his fine art and her fashion photography experience together to create a menswear line of upscale casual cool with a contemporary point of view.

Krammer & Stoudt is proudly manufactured wholly in the United States, using the finest imported and domestic fabrics.

Produced by @deidre
Hair by @oribe
Makeup by @augment_tokyo x @makeuppronewyork
Grooming by @labseries for Men Hydration provided by @essentiawater


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