Ricardo Seco Spring Summer 2019 New York

Ricardo Seco Spring/Summer 2019 New York

Vision by Ricardo Seco

Icons such as traffic signs and the typography of the world of Mexico in 1968 Olympics Games.

Ricardo Seco Spring/Summer 2019 New York, presented “Visions” on Fashion Week in the Big Apple.

The fashion designer make several statements very excited on his Instagram.

#yosoymexico tú y todos los que trabajamos por el.

He started with “The 1968 Olympics in Mexico had political repercussions that today make history.”

And then, “as the movement and respect for the community of color where the greeting is made, for the first time to the world, which represented the #BLACKPOWER.”

A true visionary fashion designer, he tagged this powerfu words to CFDA, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys and Jaden Smith.

Then he continued, “today, 50 years later, this community moves the world in many sectors: art, culture, politics, music and fashion.”

Also today, he added “as a Mexican and as a Latino, I share my #DACAPOWER greeting where I take the mission of the Olympic Games, to manage to promote peace in the world and unite in bonds of friendship.”

“It seems in this world we often forget where we are, who we are, demonstrating power and ego first.”

This collection is herald of our times; a vision of unity and collective power.

“Mexico has always been visionary, an open and friendly country” towards the world Ricardo said during NYFW.

A clear example of this achieved global vision, was the activities behind the image and design of the 68′ Olympics where they gave the world the best face of Mexico.

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50 years ago this was happening and today is my new inspiration for my new collection VISION S/S 19

The collection will be available very soon.




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