Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Men & Women Spring/Summer 2019 New York

The countdown begins: Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Men & Women Spring/Summer 2019 New York.

Chief Creative Officer Raf Simons presents The Graduated meet JAWS Movie at 205W39NYC.

Inspired by the classic American film JAWS. Fringe benefits: exotic menswear details over blazers on sport coats with leather hot pants.

Having for men leather jumpsuits, and a classic red hat, in a background inspired by the beauty and tension between land and ocean.

Simons called them “very important movies in my memory.” Explaining his attraction, he said, somewhat convolutedly, “disasters happen but they turn again into beauty, and beauty is around us and it can oftentimes turn into disaster.”

But Simons’s allusions to both movies were quite literal. Jaws’s famous poster was stamped with the cK logo and printed on tanks and tees, the latest example of the merch trend that has swept across the upper echelons of fashion.

Mortarboards were obvious references to The Graduate. They seemed more like mood setting than potential hot sellers, though the graduation gowns thrown over models’ shoulders looked compellingly chic.

Tailoring is a Simons strong suit.

For the rest of the collection, you can see at IG: @calvinklein.

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