A Guide to Male Accessories

A Guide to Male Accessories

The art of accessorizing is a tricky skill to learn and even more challenging to master.

Women have been doing it for centuries, but men are relative newcomers to the art of adding stylish extras as a finishing touch.

One of the things that make it so difficult is that there is so much to choose from. Gone are the days of wearing top hats and ceremonial swords; male accessorizing is a little more subtle nowadays.

The accessories you wear can depend on a number of things, one of which is the time of the year. It can also depend on what you’re doing. Nevertheless, there are a few basic rules you should learn.

Is it Cool to Carry a Bag?

Of course, it is, and it’s far more practical than stuffing everything into your pockets and ruining the line of your outfit! If you’re going to work or the gym, the most practical bag to have is a rucksack or backpack.

It’s a great place to store all your work or gym gear and can also double up as a place to pack your sweater when you’re sitting on the tube. If you travel a lot for business, a weekend bag is an essential part of your wardrobe.

It’s ideal for those weekends away or a short business trip when there’s no need for a cumbersome suitcase. 

Bracelets are One of the Top Men’s Accessories

If you’re confident of your own personal style, there will be a bracelet to suit it.

There are going to be a few people who have never worn one before, but it’s never too late to start.

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A bracelet should be a subtle detail and not dominate your chosen look completely. If you have a favorite style of Saint Laurent ankle boot and favorite outfit, choose a more laid back bracelet. If, on the other hand, you wear a suit and tie most days, a silver chain or wooden bracelets will be better. 

Watches Will Never Go Out of Style

Even though we’ve become reliant on mobile devices for telling the time, the wristwatch is still a popular accessory, particularly for men. It is a form of expression nowadays rather than just a timepiece.

Many people will only have one unique wristwatch they wear most of the time, but why not have several different ones?

You can swap them around, depending on what you’re wearing. One of the popular watch trends at the moment is precisely detailed skeleton watches.

They have a luxury look about them and pair well with a suit or smart casual outfit. 

Casual Friday
Casual Friday

Suits are very popular at the moment but wearing one all on its own is not quite good enough.

Bring the best out in your suits by adding a tie, bowtie, pocket handkerchief, tie clip, lapel pin, or cufflinks.

Not all at once preferably. One tip worth finishing with is to never match a tie or bowtie with a pocket handkerchief. The color can match but it is better if the patterns don’t. 

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