Intimate Portrait With Dylan Hocking by Alan Tan – Exclusive

Just drop one of our latest 2018 submission, here’s an intimate portraiture with long-haired Melbourne based model Dylan Hocking in exclusive by Alan Tan.

In August we met Dylan, an engineer by profession, we were surprised by his beauty in front of the lens of Tan.

Now they’re coming back to our screens, just right before when he started to grow his beard so long.

But there’s also one thing we intrigued by Dylan, he wrote an open letter in on of his IG photo.

“For some of us, being even slightly out of society’s expectations can be challenging. I used to spend time saying “no, I’m not gay” “no, I’m not a hippy”. Exercise everyday? suddenly, I’m a complete gym junkie.”

Dylan wanted to explain his personal thoughts and feelings about what’s the perspective from people about him.

“I have an Honours degree in Civil Engineering; that means I’m a nerdy kid who loves maths right? Why does society try to keep putting us into a single box! We can break the cycle by addressing everyone with an open mind and giving them the benefit of the doubt. Please don’t perpetuate prejudice.”

He continues, “this is not a rant, merely a PSA based on some personal observations over the last few years. For instance, that moment in the workplace when you have to stand up to 40 year old bully’s and explain to them that having long hair doesn’t necessarily reflect my lifestyle.”

“To continually have to clarify to others that I can do Engineering AND Modeling, and that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. And besides, I’ll do whatever I damn well feel like 💪🏻”

And he can execute very well two different areas: Engineering and Modeling. We just love the new images by Alan Tan.


Dylan continues, “of course, 90% of the people I come across (either in the world or on social media platforms such as this), ARE overwhelmingly positive. 😃 🙌🏻 ” Just like we are.

“There are unfortunately though, still a small amount that feel the need to pull you down.”

With so much respect about it and quite frankly Dylan admits to want abetter future and better world for him and kids (one day)

“The world is changing too fast for these people to be the next leaders, and this truly gives me hope. Hope for my kids one day, hope for the entire next generation.”

“It is easier to be accepting and actually LISTEN, instead of shouting our initial opinions across the delicate space between individuals.”

“I say, never underestimate the power of love. Love for each other! 
But, as these people DO still exist in our lives, perhaps the most important one is; love for oneself.”

“If you are the ones who are doing the damage, please, please stop. 
If you are the ones who have a partner who can love you for who you are and support you in all endeavors in life, then that’s fantastic.”

“For not all of us have that at all stages in our lives. 
And finally, if you are the ones who do not need to vindicate, justify or defend any aspect of your life, then you are the lucky ones, and I am genuinely happy for you!” 

We took the liberty of sharing his personal thoughts and stamped in this article, because we want to share to our audience, that you can never judge a book by its cover.

Alan did a beautiful work and shares another way to explore the beauty of a model.

When we met Dylan, we just try to discover his outsider beauty, but he’s an intelligence young man.

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Take a look back in August, when we made and article about Dylan and Alan encounter.

Dylan is signed by Debut Management. Agency based in Sydney Australia.


Height 183cm Chest 103 Suit 0 Collar 37 Shoe 11 Hair Blonde Eyes Hazel.

The shooting took over Alan’s studio con November 16, we’re so glad to share this with you again.

As we’re counting the hours, minutes and seconds to wait for a new year, we wanted to say thanks to Alan and Dylan for this.

Happy New Year 2019.

Photography Alan Tan @alanktan

Model Dylan Hocking @dylanh_1.618 

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks so much fashionablymale for the article and of course Alan for the shots!

    • fashionablymale

      You’re welcome. Free welcome to spread the word. Happy holidays -Chris.

  2. Anonymous

    gracias por el articulo. excelente fotografía y modelo.

  3. WOW!!!

  4. I love his Fireflies video! He’s on Fire!!!

  5. Dylan is fucking beautiful. I literally can’t stop watching the Fireflies video that he’s in. Great book too. I reread the book after seeing the video. Dylan was on every single page.

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