5 reasons to travel and photograph East Africa

Around 10 million people book a recreational trip to Africa in the current climate, as this nation becomes increasingly reliant on tourism for its revenue

The southern part of the country is thought to be the most popular and well-known in Africa, but there are several hidden gems located across the entire continent. Take East Africa, for example, which is home to some stunning locations and a number of truly iconic global landmarks.

In this post, we’ll explore this further while considering five compelling reasons to visit East Africa on your next holiday. Remember one thing though: don’t forget the camera for all those photographs!

  1. The Okavango Delta

There’s no doubt that Botswana safaris from africaodyssey.com and similar operators have become increasingly popular in recent times, and this country remains one of the most compelling locations in East Africa.

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It’s also home to the Okavango Delta, which is unique in that it remains one of the last remaining areas of unspoiled wilderness in the whole of Africa.

Fed by the floodwaters of central Africa, it covers a staggering 16,000 square kilometres of land that’s defined by a wetland system of beautiful palm-fringed channels, lagoons and incredible species of flora.

It’s also a great place to view elephants at different junctures in the year, as this species flock here regularly to drink from the vast wetlands.

2. The Plethora of Big Five Game

If you’ve never heard a lion roar, a trip to East Africa arguably gives you the best possible chance to achieve this objective.

This is because this region arguably has the largest concentration of big five game in the whole of Africa, and even reasonably skilled guides should be able to ensure that you see a big number of predators and iconic species such as elephants.

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With a plethora of leopards, buffalo and rhinos also prevalent in East Africa, this is a great place for safari goers in the modern age.

3. The Ngorongoro Crater 

Next up is the Ngorongoro Crater, which is widely considered to be the world’s largest unflooded caldera and one that’s also the remnants of an exploded volcano.

This incredible visual wonder also offers you the best possible chance to see the cast of The Lion King in their natural habitat, with the peaks of the crater offering breath-taking reviews of the species and the terrain beneath.

This Conservation and World Heritage Site is definitely one of the most popular locations of its type in the world, while the diversity of terrain and wildlife is truly incredible.

4. Mount Kilimanjaro

The East African nation of Tanzania is also home to the world’s tallest mountain, namely to breath-taking Mount Kilimanjaro.

Climbing this incredible peak is a popular life goal for many people, particularly those who have a passion for high octane activity and a drive to push their bodies to their physical extremes.

Not only this, but the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro offers stunning views of the surrounding rainforests and snow-covered glaciers, while these sights are particularly beguiling during the sun-rise.

5. The Beaches of Zanzibar

While East Africa is renowned as a safari location, it’s also home to the sun-kissed shores and golden beaches of Zanzibar.

This coastline rivals anything that can be found in the Caribbean or Southeast Asia, while Zanzibar provides an idyllic and tranquil paradise that provides the ideal contrast to a bustling walking safari.

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The Zanzibar coast also kisses the waves of the Indian Ocean, which is defined by vast and crystal clear waters that the ideal place for snorkelling.

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