Ways your Choice of Shoes can have a Huge Impact on Your Personality cover

Ways your Choice of Shoes can have a Huge Impact on Your Personality

People tend to look at your feet before they start talking to you as shoes are not only the covering for your feet and keep you to places but they are also the reflection of your taste and your personality which people try to observe. Shoes give an insight into the fashion sense, wealth, class, and culture that a person belongs to because only communication skills and body language are not enough to describe you, appearance matters a lot in your personality.

For men, footwear is important because men do not have a lot in their apparel to describe their personality as women have. Men have to be cautious about the choice of shoes as wearing the right footwear can be a game-changer because women observe your feet more than you focus on theirs. Here’s you can make a good impact on your personality through your shoes:

Dress shoes

Dress shoes make you look mature and if you like them, you have surpassed your boyhood and you can walk in the world like a grown-up man. They can be worn casually but used mostly on formal occasions with suits. They portray the high standards of men and make them look prosperous.

Ways your Choice of Shoes can have a Huge Impact on Your Personality


Boots are long shoes above ankle length. They are worn in workplaces and tell about how hardworking a man is by the condition of his boots. So Click here for men’s Doc Martens shoes.


Boots are also a good choice to be opting for casually fashion wear as it shows how messy and outgoing a man is.

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Sandals are good for casual purposes only. Wearing them on interviews or work can make you look insane as interviewers can interpret your non serious attitude as they are not formal but wearing them casually makes you look fun-loving. They are good to go on vacations, morning walks as they are breathable. Sandals show that the person likes to stay relaxed and fresh.


These types of shoes are also known as Slip-on and used on casual and semi-formal occasions. They talk about the confidence of a man. They look simple yet elegant on casual dresses. These are laceless, easy to wear shoes that tell a man he is a busy person and doesn’t bother tying and untying his shoes.


Sneakers are worn only on casual occasions when you are going on a walk, on holidays, or hiking. They are good to be worn when you want to feel relaxed. People who wear sneakers prefer their relaxation over everything and they are bold and confident. They are ageless. They make you look forever young, energetic, and updated. 

Flip flops

Men who wear flip flops are very casual going. They don’t care about anything and don’t get bothered by society thinking about their personality. Those who wear them in public like to go beyond the limits and stay break free from societal boundaries.

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