Jordan Barrett for GQ Style Russia SS19

Here’s Top model Jordan Barrett for GQ Style Russia SS19 shooting in Chinatown, Manhattan by Ivan Bideac.

10 ideas how to wear bright things

When it comes to choosing a fashion style there is no right or wrong. You can opt for looking classy or punk, trendy or casual. The only no-no is looking cheap, and that has nothing to do with the price of your outfit. Many times it’s little things that stand in the way of you becoming a fashionista

We are going to let you in on a little secret: there is some color discrimination going on right now. 

Jordan is styled Seppe Tirabassi famous fashionista stylist in New York City working for several fashion publications.

Some things are meant to be expensive and do not have a cheaper version. Most often this applies to fabrics. The rule of thumb here is if you can’t afford a quality item it’s better to not buy it at all.

Jordan in Chinatown

Visiting Chinatown in Manhattan New York can be a delight to anyone who enjoys food, culture, entertainment, and shopping. 

Not only can you browse through the street markets and shops; you can also visit a restaurant or two with the cultural Chinese food you came to enjoy. There are a number of restaurants to choose from, as well as gifts to take home from the market. There is a little something for everyone who comes to enjoy a little piece of China right in New York.

New York’s Chinatown conveniently located right next to Little Italy on Manhattan Island is one of the oldest and largest Chinatown’s outside of Asia.

It is one of the largest surviving ethnic Chinese communities that are still operating with as many Chinese residents as others. 


There are a number of cultural activities that occur throughout the year that residents partake in. They invite guests who come for a visit to enjoy the activities with them as well. If you want to try a new dish then Chinatown might be the best place to go.

The photography of Ivan Bideac in Chinatown highlights great spots in Chinatown, can you imagine asking permission to a Chinese Barber Shop to make some snaps for GQ Style Russia?

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Photographer Ivan Bideac @bideac
Model Jordan Barrett @iblamejordan
Stylist @seppetirabassi
Grooming @tuozzoli
Retouching @kurilenkolena
Production @mccolectiva

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