How to Channel Your Inner Rap Star

Street style has origins in the hip hop and rap music scene, but that does not mean that the rap star today is still wearing the same thing he or she did back in the 00s. No, today their fashion-forward influence has touched base with all types of trends, mixing them together in a unique and effortless combination that everyone, everywhere, wants to rectify. 

Rocky A$AP

From mixing casual-wear and statement wear with classic pieces like a blazer or even waist-coat, these unexpected fashion stars are truly icons when it comes to creating unique looks that are genuinely great. It’s no wonder so many rap stars today have their own clothing brands – they know how to dress.

If you too want to channel your inner rap star and look as terrific as they do, all you need is to follow this guide: 

Follow the Most Stylish Rap Stars in History 

First things first; know who’s who in the rap world. Second, know who dresses the best. The most stylish rappers of all time are those whose looks have been copied onto the streets and made popular on the catwalk. The best are the ones who start trends of their own. Following your favorite rappers will help inspire you and give you great ideas on how to replicate that enviable rapper style all on your own. 

Kanye West x Adidas Originals you could say anything from Mr. West as a designer, we see a trend and a set style, inspired by the rapper and producer of hits, but maybe the union of Adidas Originals intervened and gave a great twist to this, urban, shabby, messy, perhaps something dirty in sight, but is a way for the love of god, if this singer brings with everything he does on stage, let's leave it be. Adidas Originals But if you had control be aware of what West runs as a fashion designer.
Kanye West x Adidas Origin

The Fashion Musts 

When it comes to channeling your inner rap star, a few key fashion accessories are an absolute must: 

Statement Sneakers 

Sneakers are not just something you keep in your closet for that day you might go on a run. Limited edition models can cost thousands. They are a streetwear must and a great way to add a huge statement to your look that stands out and looks great. 

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Balenciaga Triple Sole Split Leather Trainers

The Retro Jacket 

Retro jackets are a great way edition to your closet. Your jacket should look good on its own, or layered with different pieces, from a brightly patterned waistcoat to a more relaxed t-shirt. You can find your very own retro jacket online at JACK1T.

Raf Simons denim jacket

The Statement Jeans 

Great jeans are a must because they are what ground more high-end styles like a blazer or waist coat. 

Levi’s Jeans

The Classic Elements 

Rappers today have been seen rocking and reimagining traditional elements like: 

  • Waist Coats 

These are bright, colorful, patterned, and help our stars look like they ruled the streets in the early 1900s, all while being toned down with modern elements like sneakers, jeans, and a retro coat. 

Stampd Strapped Bomber Jacket
  • Blazers 

Blazers are a style classic, and have been seen on rappers today in abundance. 

3 Stone Island Structured Cotton Blazer
  • Suits

Forget the classic suit and look to rappers for style inspiration. They are the ones that modernized the look by wearing metallics and patterns, capturing that incredibly effortless and incredibly stylish look that so many want to copy. 

The Takeaway

Rapper style has evolved from its early days where baggy clothes were all the rage and bling was larger than a man’s hand. Today rappers have mixed inspiration to create a truly enviable look that has become the epitome of street fashion.

It’s no wonder that the biggest names in the industry have started their own hugely successful fashion brands. Keep an eye on their style decisions, because rappers are the kings and queens when it comes to influencing streetwear and catwalks alike. 

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