The Best Type of Massage for Your Pain

Being in pain is, well, a pain. When your back, shoulders, and neck hurt, it can make everything miserable. It can be uncomfortable to sit, stand, lie down, or move. Massage is the oldest technique used to alleviate back pain and it can easily can rival the modern spine care techniques used by spine care veterans at New York Pain Care. It’s once again gaining popularity as more and more people are seeking out alternatives to pain medications and medical treatments.

The goal of massage is to ease pain and stress by manipulating soft tissues and muscles in your body. The problem, however, is that there are so many different types of massage that you might not know what type to get.

Here are the best types of massage to help you with your pain. 


Most people are familiar with the words “Swedish massage” but they might not exactly know what it entails. While its focus is on relaxation, it can also be an effective massage for dealing with cramped muscles and whole-body pain. The massage itself is gentle, making it a great option for relieving stress, but it is also an excellent choice for relieving soreness and tension. 

Close-up of an attractive man having a back massage in a spa center

Hot Stone

A hot stone massage is similar to a Swedish massage in that it is designed to be therapeutic. The major difference is that massage therapists use warm stones. Both the massaging and the heat from the stones can help to ease tension in your muscles and alleviate pain while also helping to improve blood flow.

The addition of heat from the stones can make this type of massage effective for relieving more tension than what a Swedish massage is capable of alleviating. 

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Those who play sports are probably familiar with sports-related injuries, and the pain they cause. Sports massage can be a great option if you are dealing with a muscle injury that has resulted from continuous use. This type of massage can also be a great choice to improve flexibility for those who are prone to injuries.

Sports massage.

You can get a full-body sports massage or you can have your massage therapist focus on the areas where you have the most pain. 

Deep Tissue

While a deep tissue massage uses many of the same techniques that are used in a Swedish massage, this particular massage goes deeper. It is designed to go reach as close to the bone through the muscles as possible. The goal is to relax muscles that are tightly knotted to alleviate chronic pain in the upper back and neck.

However, unlike other types of massage, you don’t really have to go to a masseuse as you can use a deep tissue massage tool and do it by yourself at home. There are various tools available in the market today and Exogun DreamPro is one of the best, easiest and affordable deep tissue massagers among all of them. Trusted by Pros, Exogun work to relax your muscles and improve their mobility.

This type of massage isn’t for everyone, as it’s not designed to be the same type of relaxing massage that a Swedish or hot stone massage is meant to be. 

Trigger Point

A trigger point massage is meant to go deeper into muscles, much like a deep tissue massage. With this type of massage, the massage therapist works to identify the “trigger point,” or the tight spot within a muscle. Deep pressure is applied over and over to the trigger point until the tension releases.

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Trigger point massage is great for those suffering with chronic pain in the muscles as well as for those who are dealing with migraines caused by muscle tension.


Women experience all kinds of pain, including back pain, during their pregnancy, particularly in the later months. A massage therapist who has been trained in prenatal massage is recommended, as these individuals know the best positions for support as well as how to alter techniques. A prenatal massage can help an expectant mother to relax while also alleviating pain. These types of massages are not recommended in the first trimester.

Massages can be an effective way to get the pain relief that you have been searching for without having to take medication or undergo medical procedures. If you are uncertain of the type of massage that you need, do not be afraid to contact a massage therapist and ask for recommendations or a consultation before booking a massage appointment. 

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