“Colorfully Dark” now with Mickey McCray by JONO

Welcome to second part of “Colorfully Dark” now with Mickey McCray by JONO in exclusive for Fashionably Male.

Mickey McCray is a personal trainer in the Bay Area, and works out everyday (or at least tries to) and when he’s not training others or working out himself, with 12K followers on insta.

He has been in ADON, DNA Magazine, Erotico Magazine and now with us.

“Colorfully Dark” Episode II

Los Angeles based photographer did it again now with a new model Mickey McCray. Take a deep breath and enjoy this episode, obvs be a fan of Mickey on insta.

He enjoys getting out, and exploring the Bay Area and trying to discover as many delicious restaurants as possible. One of his absolutely goals that he would love to do one day is to workout with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

I had such a great time working with Mickey, he is so a motivate, eager to better himself, and a total sweetheart. And can we take a second to appreciate those thighs, com’on on tree trunks!

Jono Madison

This colorfully dark series, is themed waiting, it’s like that moment of you waiting on the dance floor, just waiting to get his attention.

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Beautiful inked body, Mickey just pumps out in the lighting set up by Jono.

See the first part of Colorfully Dark here:

Photo/Makeup by Jono @JonoPhotography
Model Mickey McCray @mickey_mccray

  1. Vary sexy noes how to turn it on

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