5 Things to Look for When Buying a Men’s Watch

Are you ready to spend your hard-earned money on a symbolic gold and silver watch? Luxury watches are still a real status symbol in many societies and are one of the first accessories men wear along with their outfits.

Watches add to your style and easily pair with your other ornaments, such as rings or bracelet. Further, they come in different shapes and sizes with unique features and characteristics. But picking a watch within your budget can be a bit tricky, and many new buyers can easily get ripped off. 

Below are some factors you should consider before buying your very own wristwatch.

  • Deciding Between Analog And Digital 

Although this entirely depends on your preference, it is still something you should consider before settling down on your favorite gold and silver watch. Analog watches are a little old fashioned and make the ticking noise, but are still in high demand because of their appeal. 

Besides, these watches are an ideal fit for formal gatherings and business meetings as they look decent and bright on the wrist.

On the other hand, a digital watch has an LED display to indicate the time and is largely used for casual occasions or as sportswear. Hence, many people buy a digital watch for their sporting needs.

  • Water Resistance

Many men ignore this feature while buying a gold and silver watch even though it should be their priority. In other words, this is an important trait all men should consider before paying for their ultimate choice.

What if you go out in the rain or drop your watch in the water? Well, you don’t have to worry about its functionality if it has water-resistance. You can try searching online for the brands that offer watches with the water resistance feature. We’d recommend Bausele, a premium Australian brand that offer designer watches for men and Women. Bausele’s OceanMoon 200m water resistant watch is a perfect fit to your needs. A much loved timepiece inspired from Australia’s rugged coastline, OceanMoon features NANOCERAM glass with a free second strap with each model.

  • Strap Types
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Your gold and silver watch can come with straps, such as pure leather or rubber. Although this may not seem an important factor to consider before buying your wrist watch, it can highly affect your watch during different seasons.

If you are going for a watch with a leather strap, then it is a fact that leather easily gets hot in summer and will be damaged by sweat. This will leave you with no option but to switch to a nylon or mesh strap. Also, a watch with a metal bracelet gives a versatile and masculine look and is a great fit with formal business attire. 

In contrast, watches with rubber straps are better for casual wear, and you can’t wear them on formal gatherings.

  • The Price Tag

Well, this is important when buying any product, including watches. In order to pick the perfect watch, you should get familiar with the economics of watch buying. In simple words, watches from a trustworthy brand will be a lot better in terms of functionality and smoothness but may cost a little more than cheap brands.

In case, you are low on budget and still wish to pick the best watch for your attire, then taking an extra step to check the product’s quality and warranty is highly recommended. Besides, some people prefer digital watches as they tend to be lower in the price and come with additional benefits.

 Hence, a gold and silver watch is available in several price ranges, and you carefully need to set your budget before purchasing one.

  • Features And Quality
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Before making an ultimate decision, it is advisable to analyze all the factors you want in a watch and the purpose for which you are actually buying it. Watches come with several different features. Some have features, like a stopwatch and alarms while others can display different time zones simultaneously.

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A watch these days doesn’t only show the time but comes with additional benefits including illuminated face and fitness tracking. 

In addition, quality also plays an important role and affects your decision. Thus, don’t forget to check the reviews of the watch you are looking to buy and always purchase it from a trusted buyer.


As an end note, a watch is an accessory that enhances your appearance in any gathering. They are a key component to show off in several formal meetings and are available in different styles. This is why proper consideration should be given to various factors before picking a gold and silver watch.

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