Cute and Thoughtful Gift Ideas Every Man Should Give His Girlfriend 

Cute and Thoughtful Gift Ideas Every Man Should Give His Girlfriend 

Giving gift can be hard, but in this article you’re going to hear that one piece of advice that’s going to make it easier no matter who you’re shopping for. 

It’s not about how much money you spent on it, and it’s not about how dramatic or fancy it is. In fact, sometimes the best gifts can even be ones that cost hardly $30! Why? Because it’s all about how thoughtful the presents are –  no one wants a white elephant for any occasion, and you might end up making your friends and family smile more when you get them a simple heartfelt note, something you can do together, or anything that shows how well you know her, and that you’re paying attention. 

If you don’t already know in your heart what you’re getting her yet, keep reading for some great ideas! 

Decorative Plants 

Who doesn’t love a little bit of nature in their home? If your loved one has a green thumb and already has a bunch of plants in her home, it might be best to know which ones she wants next, or if she’s been looking for a particular plant that’s a little harder to find in your area. With the right seller, you can take advantage of birthday plant delivery and have the plant or seeds sent to her place right in time for her birthday or any other special occasion you’re getting the plant for.

If your friend or loved one isn’t someone who keeps plants around, you might want to look into some beginner plants that would suit her skills, or something that she can easily keep in her house. This doesn’t just include succulents, and there are even a lot of succulents that are vibrant, have colorful flowers, and are more than just different shades of green. There are also other varieties of indoor plants that can be very easy to keep alive for a beginner. 

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Cute and Thoughtful Gift Ideas Every Man Should Give His Girlfriend 


Every girl loves getting flowers, which is why you might want to put them on the list of presents you want to get her. There are countless styles of bouquets that you can choose from, and your choice can vary depending on the occasion, your relationship with the receiver, her own personal tastes, and much more. 

If you know what she likes, her favorite color, or her favorite flowers, you know what would be best for her. On the other hand, you might want to get her flowers that are somewhat meaningful and suit her personality and preferences if you don’t know her favorite ones. Your final choice also depends on the occasion, and you might not want to get the same bouquet for your anniversary with your partner that you would on her birthday. 

Different flowers have all kinds of meanings, and even for a single flower different colors can mean different things. Rose flowers are the biggest example of this, and you also need to be aware of the cultural context. While Chrysantemnums mean happiness and wellbeing in America, they’re typically a funeral flower that symbolizes sympathy and sorry in many parts of Europe. 

E-book Reader

For the book reader in her, an e-book reader might be the perfect present. The latest ones can last for weeks, come with the capacity to store thousands of books or e-books, and are even waterproof. Not only this, but they’re made especially for reading and have screens that feel like the real thing. If you have a loved one who’s always reading books but has space issues, or someone who likes to read e-books, a new e-book reader might just be the thing for her! 

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You have a whole variety of things to choose from, which is why you might be able to find something in your price range and with the right features. 

wood love woman art
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Another thing to note is that not all readers like to read e-books, and some just prefer the feel of an actual book in their hands. If that’s the case with your friend or family member, consider getting her a gift card to her favorite bookstore. 

Subscription Boxes 

This is a present that keeps on giving – no matter what your friend likes, from snacks to sports to coffee or jewelry, there’s a subscription box service out there that caters to her interests and hobbies. 

For you, this means a very easy gift that just keeps on giving. Get her either a gift card for a subscription box service of her choice or subscribe one to her address as a surprise, and you’ll be getting her things she loves every month and often for cheaper than you would get the individual items in stores. 

Custom Mugs 

Who doesn’t love a funny mug or something that makes you smile while drinking your morning coffee? While it might not be a good idea to print a rectangular photo on a mug because of the poor aesthetic effect, it might be a good idea for you to have something funny quotes, cartoons, or inside jokes printed on the cup. 

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You can also find a lot of great stuff on etsy or on Instagram artist pages – there might even be an online artist your friend likes to follow. These artists are the perfect choice for getting your friend or loved one a gift. Not only are you getting what you needed but you’re also helping support an artist’s art while doing it. 

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Selfcare Package 

Everyone needs a break one time or another, and what better way to express your love for a woman in your life than to help her relax for one day? The good thing about this gift idea is that it’s completely customizable. You’ll be able to fully control how much you spend and what goes inside the box. 

composition of cosmetic bottle with pink rose petals and wooden plate

If you’re going for something simple, just a few face masks, snacks or a gift card for her favorite restaurant, and a subscription to a streaming platform would do. If you feel like adding more, you can get her a set of comfortable loungewear, bath bombs, a bottle of wine, or anything else that you feel would help her relax and de-stress. You can even make it into a special occasion and hang out together this way – just get enough for two! 

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