Beefcake God Ian David Returns Now With Pics by Ben Veronis

Beefcake God Ian David Returns Now With Pics by Ben Veronis in a exclusive set for Fashionably Male.

Seriously we never thought to see again Ian again. But the meeting was in Los Angeles with photographer Benjamin Veronis and they did a marvelous shooting.

But let’s start to spread the images, suitable for this coming weekend in L.A. or what about a weekend getaway in DTLA.

The Real Beefcake Definition

A usually photographic display of muscular male physiques also a man of the type featured in such a display or such men in general.

For all millennial or new Gen Z’s who can see our webzine, in 1949 people started to call it like that.

Obviously Ian reflects that, an attractive man with big muscles, or men with such bodies as shown in pictures or in shows.

The 1970s proved a golden age for beefcake with the debut of Playgirl magazine and its completely nude pictorials of men, Cosmopolitan magazine’s famous semi-nude centerfolds of actors including Burt Reynolds, and the rise of pornography directed at both female and gay male audiences in both magazines and films.

God knows that Ben Veronis is the best example of showing the best bodies in Los Angeles. Thousands and thousands of photos prove it.

Today, it is common to see beefcake shots of male sex symbols on the cover of general interest magazines. While for many actors and models shirtless poses are their most revealing, in line with their conservative images, such poses look almost prudish when compared to more revealing work by other models and actors.

Ian is the perfect example of all the beefcake definition I did early.

A 1999 movie of the same name, Beefcake, details the history of the Athletic Model Guild, an early company known for their photos of men in various publications.

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More of Ben Veronis work here:

Photographer: Benjamin Veronis
Instagram: @benveronis
Website: www.palmspringsmen.com
Model: Ian
Instagram: @likeamolecular_ion

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