11 Vital Tools That Every Mobile Hairdresser Needs

So, you have a passion for hairdressing? And you need to build your clientele? 

By the way, your passion and your credentials are not enough to turn your dream into reality. Also, you need to know about all the current trends and the best hairdressing tools to take you where you want to go with your dream. 

As a mobile, or freelance, hairdresser, you don’t want to carry things that are too heavy. You want your best carry-on luggage to be sophisticated and easy to carry around. 

Therefore, keep reading to know more about the vital tools that you need to carry in your hairdressing kit, which can help you create masterpieces!

1. Tool Bags and Trolleys

First and foremost, you need the right tool case, bags, and trolleys for your profession. A regular bag just won’t do for such a sophisticated job. 

You need something that has a number of compartments, small and large, to fit all your essential kits. The right bags will have mini pockets to keep small tools, such as brushes, combs and shears. 

Furthermore, bags with wheels are more convenient than the ones you have to carry on your shoulders. 

2. Lightweight, Ionic Blow Dryer

An ionic blow dryer is a must-have in your tool kit. Traditional blow dryers can make the hair look frizzy, static, and dry, because they release positive ions. 

On the contrary, newer models of blow dryers, such as the ionic ones, emit negative ions. This makes the hair less frizzy, with no heat damage or static. 

It also takes less time to dry the hair with the ionic dryers compared to its older version. It lasts longer than the traditional blow dryers as well, and the finished look is always smooth and shiny. 

Lightweight ionic blow dryers will also go easy on your arms and your bags. So, always have this in your little fashion box. 

3. Duckbill Clips

In order to pull off the perfect hair styles, you need several duckbill clips at your disposal. These clips come in handy when you section your client’s hair for cutting, coloring, or just for styling. 

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The best clips are the ones with easy handles and strong grips. The duckbill clips have smooth edges, while the croc clips have jagged edges, so they provide the perfect grip. 

4. Wave Clips and Curlers

Most hairdressers have to maintain a strict deadline when it comes to styling their client’s hair. Often, they only get a few minutes to style an individual. 

For moments like these, having different curling aids in your tool kit can help you meet deadlines on time. 

You can quickly give your client mermaid curls or the Great Gatsby look with wave clips. Additionally, you can use simple curling rolls to create a different, modern look on their hair. 

However, nothing beats the magic of electronic curling wands to create the perfect curls. Having all these tools in your hairdressing bag can make your job both easier and fun at the time. 

5. Wide Toothed Comb

The reason why wide toothed combs are better alternatives to other types of combs is because they can be used on any type of hair. Whether your client has thin or thick hair, straight or curly hair – this comb will get the job done. 

Additionally, wide toothed combs can be used on wet or dry hair. Although, combs are normally used to smoothen hair out, wide toothed combs are champions for detangling. 

Furthermore, these combs are slim and light to carry around, easy on the scalp, minimize split ends and abolish hair breakage. The perfect tool to have in your bag!

6. Tint Brush and Bowl

To mix hair dyes, you will need a quality, long-lasting tinting set, including a brush and a bowl. They are essential tools to have in your pouch, because you need them to create the exact color that your client is asking for and to obtain the perfect saturation of the mixture. 

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You don’t have to bother with carrying different dyes with you. Once your client makes the choice, you can simply purchase it from a shop. 

7. Medium-Sized Mirror

Even when you already have big, vanity mirrors to help you style your clients, you should also carry a medium-sized mirror with you on the job. 

It is required when you have to show your client how their hair looks at the back. Also, you have to use the mirror to demonstrate to them how the new cut looks on them from different angles. 

8. Disposable Towels

The disposable towels that you need must be biodegradable and eco-friendly. You should choose disposable towels, because the expense of cleaning, drying and ironing regular towels is quite high. 

It also takes up a considerable amount of time to do all those maintenance services, hence disposable ones are your must-haves. 

Just make sure the towels must be antibacterial, should be eliminating the bacteria growth. Mizu antibacterial towel sets are perfect when it comes to eliminate 99.9% bacteria. Made with finest Japanese design, these hyper-absorbent towels are made with natural cleaning silver fibers that changes colors when the dirt builds up.

On the other hand, disposable towels can give clients the sense of hygiene that the towel being used has not been used on another person before. The towels are available in white and black colors. 

The black ones are particularly popular for ombres, balayage and other tinting services. 

9. Sprays, Creams, Shampoos and  Conditioners

You can’t think about going to a client without the essential hair sprays, volumizing mousses, pomades and hair gels, shampoos, and conditioners. Get some ideas of these products from Faveable.com.   

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Clients rely on you to choose the best styling brands from the market, so you don’t want to disappoint them with your collection.

Moreover, in order to reduce damage on your client’s hair and to prevent allergic reactions, only purchase sprays, creams, shampoos, and conditioners that are made from natural ingredients. 

Additionally, always test a sample of the product on the client before fully applying just to be safe. 

10. All Purpose Shears

You need to have the perfect shear tools to make your name in the hairdressing world. How you cut hair defines who you are. 

Carry different shears that are essential for thinning, texturing, point cutting, drysliding, and blending. You should also keep shears with both long and short blades to cut hair to perfection. 

11. Round Brush

Round brushes are a must-have in your toolkit. They are mostly used for blow drying. Because it heats up when used with a blow dryer, it acts like a flat iron and a curling wand. For this reason, hairdressers swear by this product. 

Round brushes can make the hair bouncy, sleek, and less frizzy. So don’t forget to have it with you on-the-go. 


Hairdressing is such a fun profession. You need to have fun when you’re at work with clients, because you are mostly styling people up for big, special occasions, or to improve their self-confidence. 

You want to make your clients trust you and rely on your expertise, and your ultra sophisticated tool kit will give them that impression. Hence, always keep your mobile kit organized, clean, and take care of your products. 

You should also consider the matter of hygiene, so sterilize the equipment often. Lastly, hope this article helped you to identify all the important instruments that you need to have to become the next top hairdresser!

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