Sneak Peak of “Iconic” – GQ Style China Spring/Summer 2019

We have a full HD Sneak Peak of “Iconic” – GQ Style China Spring/Summer 2019 by photographer Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca.

Who in the world would put 4 generations of TOP MODELS? One answer: Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca.

It happens and is now available on the GQ Style China issue Spring/Summer 2019.


Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca reunited with top models Tyson Beckford and Tony Ward, old guys but aging so damn good, debuting daddy Chad White and a new Gen-Z model Jordan Beckford.

Puerto Rican photographer gotta have his team ready, including stylist Grant Pearce and groomer Davide Calcinae.

All models are represented–somehow–with Soul Artist Management and Bethann Hardison.

Stunning white and black photography, the stylist is superb.

Tony Ward stared his modeling career in 1983, he has 35 years of walking the most iconic runways from every design you can think of. One of a few top models we can mention in United States he can still conserve his career intact.

This is an incredible 4 generations in one shot!

Chad couldn’t refuse this opportunity of working with two legends Tony and Tyson–even though we all know he’s now a very dedicated father figure.

Jordan Beckford is the most recently new baby face–son of Tyson–added by Arnaldo Anaya.

Shooting at MAPS Backlot in Miami Florida. They were having a great time together, moving all around, Arnaldo captured the essence of each of them.

Tyson has his first experience working with his 21st son Jordan Beckford in Miami. When the legend started to work as a model in 1992, Tyson had 22 years old.

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Photographer: Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca @arnaldoanaya
Stylist: Grant Pearce @grantpearce.inc
Grooming: Davide Calcinai @davidemk
Cast: Tyson Beckford @tysoncbeckford, Tony Ward @slypapa, Chad White @chadwhite21, Jordan Beckford @jcbeckford
Produced by  @spencersalley @defactoinc 

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