2019 Style Ideas For Men: What’s In And What’s Not

You might think that conventional men’s fashion is pretty straightforward. Dark-washed denim, basic white shirt and a bunch of oversized hoodies—you will never not see these in a man’s closet. However, those are all staples more for comfort than they are for being fashionable, and upping your fashion game for 2019 should be on every man’s goals. Even if we are nearing the mid-year, it’s never too late to update your look. In this article, we will go through the ins and outs of the latest fashion trends for men.

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WHAT’S IN: Smart Casual Wear

Intelligence combined with comfort is a new trend that has become manifested in “smart-casual” clothing. You can pair your perfectly fitting James Bond coat (preferably navy blue or dark grey) with a pair of your favorite skinny jeans for that dangerously “hot but chill” killer combination. Choose white canvas shoes to wrap the look up and get ready to get some long, lingering stares of admiration.

WHAT’S OUT: Oversized Formal Wear

Gone are the days when oversized coat and trousers were appealing to the eye. While old fashioned apparel inspired by your dad’s generation had its day, they don’t really work anymore. For fashion’s sake, leave that coat inside your cabinet and go fit on some coat and trousers that is specially tailored to match your silhouette.

WHAT’S IN: Laidback Sporty Style

The sporty look has always been in, but what’s changed is a “sporty style” should look like. A more laid back look is fairly new — it boomed in 2016 and it’s here to stay this 2019. Pair your favorite sports team merchandise shirt with a loose and comfy jogger pants. This look is worn best during the spring when the weather is not too hot and not too cold. Amp it up with a personalized sports bag (which happens to be one of the most popular mens gifts of today!) to complete your sporty but laid back look. 

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If haven’t got the memo, studs are out! This once booming “metal industry” in the fashion world has lost its lustre. Studs in leather jackets are now seen as a bit of overdoing it. Stick to sleek and minimalist styles. If you must add accessories to your outfit, consider adding a trusty strap watch. 

WHAT’S IN: The Turtleneck

Once again, the fashion pendulum has striked and the 1970’s turtleneck look is making a big comeback thanks to Netflix’s hit Riverdale series. Thankfully, the turtleneck comeback is not taking with it the retro disco hair trend. 

KJ Apa

Contrary to general perception, turtlenecks are not hard to wear. You can effortlessly pair it with a coat, a tuxedo, or even a leather jacket for that smoking hot spanking image of a 70’s classic bad boy.

KJ Apa from ‘Riverdale’

This fashion statement works best during the winter especially when the turtleneck is made from knitted materials or wool. Stay warm and stylish, effortlessly!

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