Spanish Fitness Model Josue by Joan Crisol

This is your opportunity to meet Fitness entrepreneur and Spanish trainer Josue from Exito28Madrid.

Finalist of Spain 1º Ninja Warrior Josue comes to Joan’s studio in Madrid to shoot this marvelous session.

Start your engines!

No matter what! get up off your bed now! probably is not so simple but remember this, our bodies are designed to move, not to stay in one chair or bed.

Josue will helps us to keep on motivated!

Yes after seeing these shots by Joan Crisol––Spanish photographer very well known in Madrid, right now just type Joan Crisol and you will see thousand and thousands of pics from his work.

Without filters or retouching. Only lights, shadows and action.

“I want to share with you all the spectacular work that can be done with a camera and a couple of lights.” Comments Josue via instagram while he posted just one pic there.

Josue has this gymnastics aesthetics, obviously he has been training all his life to keep on the track.

Thanking to his costumers “And I want to thank you again for trusting me, and indirectly trust in Exito28Madrid, to be part of the tremendous work you’ve been carrying out for years and years. Without waiting for us to be great, you make us great, and without more intention than to enjoy and share these moments, you immortalize them.”

“If you see me standing, it is not that I am petrified, nor that I have been blocked; I am only concentrating to return to action, analyzing the environment, investigating the dilemma, visualizing my path, and filling myself with energy to gather what is mine: the achievement of the challenge, the effort transformed into pride, the future built on the perseverance and success.
Because with salt water, sweat and tears there is no wound that does not heal, because with determination, continuity and attitude there is no objective that can escape me.”

taken from @josuexito28

Because one of the objectives of this life, I believe that is to create something that lasts longer than us, and you my friend do it every day, and for that reason you will always be remembered. For more people like you, and more professional people


Josue + Joan

“Well, the truth is that for so many years I do not remember” when we ask to Joan about when he met Josue … “the first time I shot photos was for Es Collection in the old station of Principe Pio, in Madrid… I think I met him through a friend of his acrobatics”

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“But if it is true that it is one of the few models that we have continued to contact with him after so long, even though it was like 8 years ago that I did not shoot pics to him… can you imagine?, and he remains the same or more handsome.”

Joan talking about Josue

“I return to Madrid inspired, with strength to continue but above all with the calm and tranquility that what we hope will come, and there is not always why speed up the process.”

He comments on Instagram where he keeps you motivated with quotes to lift your soul up. “Sometimes you just have to keep going, enjoying the way, without thinking so much, without talking so much, without looking so much, but letting yourself go and let the movement guide us, as Schinca said:
“The body does not necessarily need words to relate to the environment, nor to express their feelings and emotions; the body in motion is capable of constructing communicative processes equal to or more effective than oral expression.”

“For those moments in which the essence of each person comes to light and the appearance, power, convenience and money, take a back seat. And that day will come, as true as one day we open our eyes for the first time and one day we will close them to not open them anymore.”

“Value people for how they are and not for how they suit you, and give thanks from time to time for your senses, because they are gifts that not everyone is lucky enough to receive.”

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Joan not always search for athletic, beautiful muscle man, he search for the right adonis who can give something back to the humanity.

Photography Joan Crisol @joancrisolphoto and @joancrisolphotography
Talent Josue @josuexito28 Twitter @josuexito28

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