Top 7 Trendy Shoe Brands Every Man Should be Wearing

Let’s be clear; we all know that as we age, it’s essential to wear the perfect footwear for the occasion.

Being ready is a good thing for we know not what tomorrow holds for us. Furthermore, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Whether it’s a first date, a job interview or a wedding invitation, a stylish man wears the best shoe brand.

Yes, you should have your own style standards, but we’re here to assist you in improving your wardrobe. Here are the top 7 trending men’s shoes that every man should have in their lineup.

1. The Oxford

The Oxford is distinguished by its low heel and its closed lacing. The original design was a plain shoe made of leather, but it has evolved over the years and now consists of a great variety of detailing and fabrics.

They come in many forms and are perfect for smart casual events, black tie, and office wear. Whenever you want to look respectable, go for Oxford.

Brown Oxford Formal shoes by TOPMAN

Recommended Brands are:

• Affordable: Topman, Clarks 
• Premium: J.Crew, Kenneth Cole, Dr. Martens 
• Luxury: Crockett & Jones, John Lobb, George Cleverly

2. The Brogue

Unlike how we wear brogues today, they were conceived as far more as utilitarian shoes. The brogues perforations and holes were initially meant to drain water after passing through swampy areas or crossing bogs.

We suggest a pair of half brogues for flexibility. For formal occasions, opt for brown leather brogues and lighter brogues for casual days.

Thom Browne Longwing Brogues

If you’re looking for a fabulous look in a suit, go for the black brogues which is one of the coolest men’s shoes, but you don’t want to wear them to a black tie event. You can check out for the latest and most legendary men designer wears fit for any occasion at SSENSE.

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3. The Loafer

The loafer is of Scandinavian origin. They’re low and lace-free. Loafers are the perfect shoes for summer months and the mainstay for smart casual dress.

For casual and formal looks, opt for a pair of brown loafers. The navy color works best in complementing beige, green, and white tones.

Adam Peny Loafer Town Shoe

Another great color is burgundy, which can brighten up your wardrobe. If you’re Looking for a pair of statement loafers look no further than MyLoafers to match neutrals, then beige is the best color and can complement tanned skin.

4. The Chelsea Boot

This boot is the perfect portrayal of casual meets corporate. Chelsea boots are an excellent way to modernize your style.

When shopping for a boot for smart occasions, choose the leather Chelsea boots. Pointed ones are to wear in the clubs, and the suede ones are for casual.

Stone suede zip boots

Recommended brands are the 206 Collective Ankle Chelsea, Steve Madden Highline Chelsea and the Ted Baker Camroon 4 Chelsea.

5. The Motorcycle Boot

These boots are rugged and righteous and can give you that appearance and traditional masculine feeling letting everyone in the building know who the boss is.

Alon Elzara by Tom Marshak
Shirt: ADIKA, biker pants: ZARA, boots: H&M leather armbands: Mr.B

Recommended brands are the Frye Tyler Engineer Boot, Johnston & Murphy McHugh Boot, and the FRYE Harness Boot.

6. Retro Trainers

Let’s take a trip back memory lane, sneaker-wise. Runners back in the days were bold, daring, colorful, and fun. Today, a pair of running shoes has a lot of tricks and treats which is suitable for actual running and not for weekend style up.

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Tornado WALSH Made In England Retro 80s Trainers
Tornado WALSH Made In England Retro 80s Trainers

Retro trainers are easy to choose, with new brands like Walsh, Spalwart, and Novesta. If you’re a runner, you need to shop for one of these shoes.

7. The Chukka Boot

Chukka Boots are generally durable despite their elegant appearance. When utilized appropriately, they can give you a bossy, masculine, and approachable look.

Timberland Brook Park Boots
Timberland Brook Park Boots

Recommended brands include Timberland Brook Park Boots, Steve Madden Harken Hoot, and Clarks Bushacre Chukka Boots.

The Best Shoe Brands

Your whole style and the ability to be flexible with your wardrobe will change dramatically with each style you introduce to your collection.

But the right shoe brands are just the beginning.

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