Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2020 Milan

Surfaces were crinkly, cellophane shiny or bright as fireflies as in a lineup of light blue, green or burnt orange tailored suits.

Giorgio Armani was in a dreamy mood, sending out a collection with shiny, iridescent colors inspired by nature – bluebottle blue-green, bougainvillea pink and coppery brown. There were tie-dyed, too, and a smudgy flower pattern, like a chalk drawing left out in the rain.

Silhouettes captured the languid, almost feminine mood of this collection, with oversized, draped crewneck sweaters, suits with wide, palazzo pants and roomy, crinkly track suit bottoms. There was even a silky printed pajama suit from Milan’s master of slouch.

Surfaces, meanwhile, were crinkly, cellophane shiny or bright as fireflies, as in a lineup of light blue, green or burnt orange tailored suits, and belted gold coat that looked as if it was fashioned from tin foil. Accessories also channelled the spirit of the collection, with cross-body bags, backpacks and belt-wallet hybrids in punchy shades such as fire-engine red.

The upbeat mood didn’t end there: Armani bookended the show with athletic looks with a twist, navy capes with liquid shiny hoods, and flak jackets, outerwear and backpacks with glossy panels.

The finale was as uplifting as it gets, with a long parade of Italian Olympic and Paralympic athletes, male and female, young and old, who have worn Armani’s EA7 collection – most recently for the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea – proudly flying the Italian, and the Armani, flag on the international stage.


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