Stella McCartney Menswear Spring/Summer 2020 Milan

Stella McCartney Menswear Spring/Summer 2020 Milan dubbed her men’s spring outing “Eco Weirdo.”

“I think that’s important to take on board that we are still weirdos to the majority of the world, and we are fine with that. I am fine with being a weirdo, and it will probably never change,” said the designer, who showed her men’s spring and women’s resort collections in Milan during an open-air, music-filled event. 

She described her men and women as “equal partners in crime” and said the clothes were made for the same person. T-shirts trumpeted phrases such as “Eco Weirdo,” “Handle With Care, You’re Holding Planet Earth,” or “SOS.” She worked with a slew of sustainable materials such as organic cotton and regenerated cashmere and nylon.

While the overlap with women’s was big, the men’s collection skewed more in the direction of soft-edged tailoring, including a boxy, double-breasted dusty rose suit with contrasting black buttons, a Prince of Wales check one overlaid with animal spots, and a magnified hound’s tooth one.

There were dip-dyed utility pieces, while lightweight outerwear had big flap pockets and came in colors like burnt orange. Other coats were printed with an aerial photo of Earth. Knits were made from regenerated cashmere and come in solids, dip-dyes or “Where’s Wally?” cartoonish stripes.

“Hopefully the collection is joyous and approachable and not preachy and depressing,” said McCartney. “It’s still keeping the lightness of our tone of voice, and the touch is always humorous and hopeful. We never want to take ourselves too seriously and we are very much about providing a solution and being honest and real about our imperfections.”

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