We Spent a Nice Weekend with Model Todd Hunter Pics by Ted Sun

In Los Angeles We Spent a Nice Weekend with Model Todd Hunter Pics by Ted Sun exclusive for Fashionably Male webzine.

Brief Underwear by Atelier Traditionnel

Todd Hunter is at Wilhelmina Models Fitness Division, he showed us what kind of athlete he really is––where no one can make it easy to be there.

He’s a martial artist and personal trainer, he’s 6’4″ brown hair and green eyes, one of the best agencies in the business is Wilhelmina and he’s there.

Boxer Briefs – Atelier Traditionnel
Swim Shorts – T-Christopher

Without question, male and female models who listed with this agency have landed major campaigns. And, they walked for some of the top designers in the business.

Ted and Todd gather around in a beautiful location in Los Angeles, Ted snapped Todd during a nice summer day, where we can see, he spent a relation time, a time in the swimming pool.

Swim Brief – Rufskin

The Perks of Being a Fitness Model

Though it’s a tough job, the doors that fitness modeling can open are undeniably awesome. We all know stories from known models in L.A. having castings for TV shows and TV series, most of the guys are stunts. We might say Todd has this charisma that we really want to see more of him.

Swim Mini-Brief – Osmari

You’re always ready for a Swimwear/Underwear Catalogue

Yeah, one important thing is to be discipline and to keep a fit body, Todd is proving that all this years training and doing Martial Arts is helping you, from the inside out.

Todd looking great in Osmari is a luxe men’s activewear and swimwear brand inspired by the elegant- athletic male silhouette.

Brief Underwear by Atelier Traditionnel

Have you been struggling to find an activity that you enjoy?

Or perhaps you’ve tried some things along the way – be it running, swimming, or spinning – but somehow felt that those weren’t for you, or that you didn’t get a good enough workout. Well, if you haven’t stepped into a martial arts gym for a martial arts class yet, then why not give it a try and see how it goes?

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From Muay Thai to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to MMA, there’s no doubt that you will be able to find something that strikes your fancy. 

Martial arts has been scientifically proven to melt away fat effectively as well as give your metabolism a much-needed boost. This is a discipline that can help you to stabilize your mind and soul.

Swim Brief – Osmari

Don’t miss all latest Ted’s work

He’s been traveling around EEUU, and he has exposed with us nice models and fitness motivation stories from L.A. Portland City and New Orleans.

To close this weekend

Enjoy this day with Todd Hunter, and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram, where he’s very active and he likes to show off his work with all of you.

Photographer: Ted Sun IG @tedsun77 / tedsun.net
Model: Todd Hunter @ Wilhemina Sport + Fitness IG @toddchristianhunter

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