Transform Your Dream Wedding With These Exciting Summer Wedding Ideas

What did you imagine your dream wedding would be like? Did you spend time outlining exactly what you wanted as a child? Well, even if you did, the odds are pretty good that your tastes have changed by now. We’re sure that ‘Hello Kitty’ isn’t the ideal way to decorate your wedding dress. If you are willing to let go of certain elements of your dream wedding, you might be interested in a few of this summer’s hottest wedding trends. Every year, brides around the world set the tone when it comes to what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’.

Today, we’re going to outline five exciting summer ideas that you can use at your wedding!

1) Bright Colors in the Summer

Most people fall into one of two camps when it comes to wedding color options. One group likes to keep things simple, elegant, and classy. The other group of people will want to utilize as many different colors and stylish decor options as they possibly can. If you fall into the latter group, you are primed to be the biggest wedding of the summer. Bright colors are officially in! Yellows, blues, and greens all make for wonderful colors to draw on when designing your wedding space. Don’t go overboard with your color splashes, however. Keep the splashes of color tasteful and reserved. This isn’t a birthday party, after all.

2) Designer Clutches

After you’ve walked down the aisle, it’ll be time to celebrate. The last time we checked, most wedding gowns down have any pockets. A great way to retain your sense of style while maintaining access to your important items is by purchasing a Louis Vuitton bag from The RealReal. Right now, The Real Real has the Louis Vuitton 2019 Monogram Taurillion Pochette Volga bag on sale. This beautiful clutch is small, lightweight, and absolutely beautiful. Keep your personal items close without sacrificing your style at your wedding reception.

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3) Summer Chic

If you are interested in really embracing what summer has to offer, you’ll consider celebrating your wedding outdoors. if you decide to have an outdoor wedding, you need to get in gear with your summer chic options! One of our favorite summer wedding trends is the upscale casual look that embodies the summer chic movement. You’ll typically find men in light-colored suits and women in simple gowns with natural elements integrated into their outfit. Summer chic is all about being comfortable and looking good, so feel free to go for it!

4) Natural Lighting

There are a number of ways you can address the lighting at your wedding. If you want to go a different route than the rest of the wedding crowd, you might consider incorporating natural lighting. When we talk about natural lighting, we aren’t just talking about skylights and windows. For your summer wedding, consider adding green vines, glowing lanterns, and lighting kits built around the idea of the natural world. You’ll be able to bring a little bit of nature into your wedding and we promise you that everyone will love it.

5) Hire a Food Truck

Summer weddings can be a beautiful affair that is underlined by an air of casual enjoyment. After you’ve had your classy wedding, replete with everything you’ve ever wanted, consider feeding your guests by way of a food truck. Food trucks bring delicious food to your wedding without the typical expenses that more upscale caterers would demand.

Best of all, a food truck will have dishes that are JUST as delicious as anything you could order out of a wedding catalog. Trust us, your guests will love it.

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