Expert Wedding Planning Tips For A Groom

To create a solid foundation for your marriage, treat your engagement as a practice for the lifetime partnership, and then make everything, including your wedding, a joint effort. Weddings are very important for any couple and change their lifestyle entirely. This is why grooms should make the wedding a very special one for their brides.

When a groom plans for his wedding, he needs to know many things. There are several things that you as a groom should know to make your bride remember the wedding day fondly. Here are some tips which any new groom can follow:

Select A Proper Wedding Date

You have to know ahead of time whether or not your wedding date falls on the same day as any other event. If it does, it will affect the hotel room and traffic availability. 

Many of your guests are most likely to not accept your invitation if you have your wedding date fixed on a holiday weekend. They will rather use that time to get proper rest. So select a good date for your wedding when most of the people will have no problems accepting the invitation and attending it.

Wedding Flowers

Flowers are symbols of joy and festivity. Beautiful flower arrangements will delight your visitors, your photographer will be motivated and shoot artistic shots, and the bridesmaids will be overjoyed when their bouquets come. So, floral arrangements are very important for a wedding. Sit down with your spouse and discuss which flower you want for your wedding and whether it fits the theme. Check out Kim Starr Wise Floral Events for wonderful floral designs.

Consider The Weather

Pay attention to the weather and other potential annoyances as guests will not enjoy a great time if the weather condition is bad. Guests are known to get away from a wedding ceremony if it’s too hot during summer or badly heated during winter. Also, bugs like mosquitos, gnats, and deer flies can swarm in and ruin everyone’s mood. Rent pest control tanks to deal with those bug problems.

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Be Aware of the Number of Guests Expected

Know the approximate number of guests you are going to have before selecting a venue for the wedding ceremony. You will have a general idea of how much space you need for your guests. Have about 25 to 30 square feet for each guest in your venue. This may sound a lot, but actually, it also includes the tables where they will sit.

Lighten The Guest List

Do not go overboard with the invitations for your wedding. Invite only those who long for your happiness and cherish your dreams. Keep in mind that, on average, per guest can cost you about 100 USD, so that budget can be used somewhere else to make the wedding more interesting.

Make a Meal Plan

Before you confirm everything, make sure you do not have to serve the same meal to vendors which guests will receive. If you do not watch out for it, you will have to pay for additional meals for the vendors. Go for a less expensive but hearty meal for them to keep them happy. Let your wedding caterer know a few days early about how many vendors you will feed on your wedding day. 

Add An Extra Server If Needed

You might need an extra server/bartender as one server can handle every ten guests on your wedding day. If you are short on servers, you will face mayhem as they will have to handle more guests than they can. 

Apply For A Credit If You Don’t Have One

Weddings usually cost a lot, and many men have to cut down their budget here and there. But you want to make this day special for your loved one, so make it different without thinking of budget. Get yourself credit, and arrange everything you can to make your wedding unique and memorable for both of you.

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Manage Your Wedding Budget

The wedding budget should follow a formula that goes like the following: 48 to 50 percent from total budget to reception, 10 percent for flowers, 10 percent for entertainment/music, 10 percent for attire, 12 percent for photo/video, 2 to 3 percent for gifts, and 8 for miscellaneous items, such as a wedding coordinator.  

Don’t Be Shy To Ask

For the wedding planning process, vendors are trusted professionals. So when you work and cooperate with them, it will be easy for you to express what you really want to achieve with the marriage ceremony. Do not feel shy or embarrassed to ask the vendors for guidance. 

Manage Your Mail

You should have the perfect stamps for your wedding, but stamps are not always available widely; you will have to order them online at USPS.com. For the right amount of postage, weigh your invitations and all other paper products before sending them out.

Be Prepared for Rejection

Be ready to accept any rejection from your guest list. About 10 to 20 percent of guests you’ve invited are surely not going to attend the wedding ceremony. Because the location plus timing of your wedding is not and cannot be perfect for all of your guests.

Follow Uniform Kids Policy

It is up to you whether or not you want your wedding ceremony to be for adults only or not. If yes, invite only adults to your ceremony as you will mostly have guests with not appropriate dress-up for children. Or invite adults with children and welcome them together. Following uniform policy to avoid any bad impressions from children is a good thing as they can also wish you a happy future in your family life. 

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Prioritize Your People

You must prioritize the people closest to you first, such as your family, bridal party and best friends on highest priority. After them, go for your cousins, aunts, uncles, parent’s friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. If you want to cut someone off, cut from the bottom of the list. 

Take Your Time

You should avoid rushing your wedding plans and schedule; you have to figure them out one by one. Have patience and settle things slowly and steadily as one’s wedding is a big part of their life. Get everything from fixing the location to getting the wedding ring for your bride ready slowly without any hassle, or else there is a high chance for you to forget some important things.


Remember to get your marriage license to get legally married. Every state or country has different marriage license laws, so do your research. After that, you have nothing to stop you from spending time with your loved one.

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