Stylish Clothing Brands For Men

Stylish Clothing Brands For Men

The fashion world is constantly changing, revolutionizing, and breaking boundaries. While women in particular are bound to appreciate this more than anyone, men are now on board with groundbreaking trends as well.

Men collections now embrace every lifestyle and preference possible. They’re encouraging people to feel happy and empowered when styling reputable clothing brands. Here are five clothing brands that men love to sport:

●       Diesel

Iconic, chic, and practical. These are the best traits that describe this urban streetwear brand. If you have a laid-back personality or just a knack for casual and easy to rock attire, Diesel is a great option for you. It specializes in denim wear, producing some of the world’s most comfortable and state-of-the-art jeans. 


Diesel uses what they label ‘hybrid lines’ combining between their very own advanced JoggJeans technology and regular denim materials.

●       Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is celebrated as one of the most adorned brands of all time. Originally known for its unique suits, Boss has bridged the gap between its older and younger consumer segments. It created “Hugo” and “Boss”.  

Boss SS19

Hugo, is the hip section flaunting the latest trends of slim cut suits, sneakers, decorative and graphic T-shirts and more. While Boss, is reminiscent of Hugo Boss’s essence and is more on the classic spectrum. The line highlights neutral colors, tailored suits and coats.

●       Versace

It’s not commonly known that this brand originally was an all-men collection. Its distinctive style and play between formal attire and fashion appeal was instantly booming in the American fashion scene and runways. 

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Versace SS20

The Versace Collection managed to keep its flair and amplify its success by sticking to its concepts and developing a legacy. Their latest Versace Menswear casual and haute collections are worth checking out to better understand their vision and morale. They are definitely known for their unique style and you can spot a Versace design a mile away.

●       Armani

Continuing the reference of the Italian fashion wave, it’s hard not to mention this brand. Armani was created by Giorgio Armani in 1975. From the get-go, Armani provided unmatched designs and high-end haute couture, shoes, watches, cosmetics and jewelry. Over time, it has expanded to fit a wider segment of the consumer market. 

Giorgio Armani SS20

It now includes the following sub-brands: 

  1. Giorgio Armani: This remains the main, most expensive, and classic line of Armani.
  2. Armani private: Specialized in haute couture.
  3. Emporio Armani: This sub-brand is the trendiest and most popular under Armani.
  4. Armani Collezioni: For custom suits and shirts.
  5. Armani Exchange: Focuses on street chic styles. May include other designs under Armani.
  6. Armani Jeans: Focuses on denim items.
Emporio Armani SS20

So, no matter how open or tight your budget is you can still find a brand that accommodate you. The fashion world has been attracting and shedding light on young consumers’ needs now more than ever. They’ve shown the capabilities in adjusting their collections or dedicating several sub-brand lines that speak the language of consumers’ current mindset and preferences. 

Long gone are the days when purchasing a designer clothing item would mean undergoing installments or credit card debts. Brands like Armani, Versace, and Hugo have made adaptations to make your life easier and help you enjoy top-quality, hip collections.

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  1. Armani is the top, here

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