How To Dress Well: Best Style Tips For Men

When it comes to fashion, dressing well can be a challenge for some men. While there are many ways you can look better, investing in the right clothes and creating the perfect style can help you dress like a gentleman. To help you with style tips, we’ve compiled this guide on how to dress well. From wardrobe must-haves to good grooming tips, these tips will take your style to the next level.

How To Dress

Your Personal Style

Feeling uncomfortable in your clothes doesn’t exude confidence. To dress well, stylish men need to pick outfits that both fit and showcase their personalities. Finding your personal style is a process of trial and error, but we highly recommend you experiment with different looks and step out of your comfort zone every now and then. Start by taking inspiration from your favorite TV characters, celebrities or influencers, and take it from there.

How To Dress Well Best Style Tips For Men Your Personal Style

Invest in Wardrobe Staples

Regardless of trends, wardrobe staples are timeless and will never go out of style. As long as you stock up on quality essentials, you can look stylish with zero effort. White sneakers and cotton T-shirts in an assortment of colors for a more casual look. If you work in the corporate world, getting designer blazers and dress shirts can be a good idea. For more carefree types, owning a fitted leather or denim jacket is a must.

Great Smelling Cologne

Your classy outfits should be paired with a great smelling cologne. While it may take time, it’s important to find the right cologne and scent to suit your style. Fragrance can be powerful concept, but you’ll need to learn to use perfume properly. According to the experts at TopTrendsGuide.com, guys should spray their cologne on pulse points such as the neck, wrists and behind the ears to activate the scent. A couple spritz should be enough so don’t over-apply to avoid an overwhelming smell that becomes a turn-off.

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How To Dress Well Best Style Tips For Men Great Smelling Cologne

Know Quality Men’s Brands

Despite what ads might make you think, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look polished. There are plenty of great men’s brands that come at affordable prices. Plus, if you take advantage of seasonal sales you can build a stunning wardrobe with minimal investment.

For guys on a budget, look at retailers like Nordstrom Rack, ASOS, H&M and Arket. If you want to invest in designer pieces, try luxury clothing brands such as Armani or Balenciaga. A cheap piece of clothing won’t last for long. When it comes to wardrobe essentials, quality trumps quantity every time.

Tailor Your Suit

The perfect suit is hard to find. That’s where tailoring comes in. A reputable tailor will make sure that the suit of your dreams fits you flawlessly, boosting your charm factor. Pick a suit in a dark color for a classic look. You’ll dazzle everyone at the next formal event you go to – or the next high-stakes business meeting. For ideas and suggestions, this suit buying guide by Bloomberg is an excellent resource to compare all the different types and styles.

How To Dress Well Best Style Tips For Men – Tailor Your Suit

Get A Quality Watch

Expertly combining fashion and function, a timepiece is a popular accessory among men. In even better news, a chic wristwatch will instantly elevate your outfit. The type of watch you choose will largely depend on your taste and budget, but keep in mind that a chunky watch with a metal bracelet complements a more casual look nicely, while leather is a fitting choice for a dressy timepiece. If you don’t want to spend much, then look for affordable options that still look dapper and well-made.

Hygiene and Grooming

Good hygiene and proper grooming are essential parts of dressing better and being a sophisticated gentleman. You can wear the most expensive or classy outfits in the world but if you don’t pay attention to hygiene, it will all be for nothing. You’ll need to focus on the basics such as showering regularly, shampooing and conditioning, good beard care, cutting your nails, and getting a stylish haircut.

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How To Dress Well Best Style Tips For Men – Hygiene and Grooming

Learn to take care of yourself so that you always look well-groomed when you step out in public. While most guys do the basics, you can take your routine a step further by applying moisturizer that will keep your skin healthy and learning to style your hair to flatter your face and best features.

According to MensHairstylesNow.com, you’ll want to get a taper fade haircut on the sides and back with short to medium length hair for the most popular men’s hairstyles. Think of all this as investing in yourself. After all, you’ll be the one reaping the benefits.

Choose The Right Sunglasses

Upscale sunglasses will take your outfit from drab to fab in a matter of seconds. Gone are the days when sunglasses were used strictly for protection. Now, they’re a coveted fashion accessory and never fail to complete a look.

If you’re unsure about what type of sunglasses best fit your face, head to the closest shopping mall and try on as many pairs as you can until you stumble upon the perfect fit. You can then go hunting for a higher-quality model.

Always Dress For The Occasion

There’s nothing more awkward than showing up for a function underdressed or heading for a company picnic in your best suit. Always make it a point to pick an outfit that matches your destination or activity.

How To Dress Well Best Style Tips For Men – Always Dress For The Occasion

You wouldn’t wear your best job interview clothes for a casual movie date. If you’re unsure about an event’s dress code, it’s better to ask than to show up unprepared. The sooner you learn the difference between cocktail attire and business casual, the better. To learn the do’s and don’ts of dressing up, the New York Times has created a complete guide to figuring out what to wear to all different events.

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Get Classic T-Shirt Styles

T-shirts come in many shapes and forms, but every man should own the basics: polo, henley, crew neck, V-neck, plain. You can get these in an assortment of colors for variety.

When you want to spice things up, a striped or a graphic T-shirt will do. When going out clubbing, a scoop neck T-shirt will ensure that you turn heads. Once you have the basics covered you’ll always have something handy to wear, even at a moment’s notice.


Using fun accessories is the perfect way to take your look to the next level. Besides sunglasses and wristwatches, you can experiment with hats, jewelry, intricate belts, scarves, or funky socks.

How To Dress Well Best Style Tips For Men – Accessorize

Bags are also crucial. While a lot of men prefer to carry around just a wallet, an elegant briefcase or a leather backpack can be an excellent addition to your ensemble while keeping you organized by storing keys, documents and other essentials with ease.

Buy Quality Shoes

As far as shoes are concerned, aim for high quality whenever possible. Every man who takes style seriously should own a pair of loafers, Oxfords, leather boots, and dressy sneakers. You can build the rest of your show collection from there. Get these basics in brown and black so that they go with everything. In the “nice to have” category you can never go wrong with Chelsea boots, casual sneakers, chukka boots, leather brogues and slides.

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