7 Ways Any Man Can Improve His Appearance

Physical self-improvement for men is an all too commonly over-look area often regarded as irrelevant or superficially. However, the acts of self-care and improving one’s appearance have been found to hold great mental health benefits.  

Here is a list of the top 7 tips that can help anyone become the best version of themselves.

1. Add in some extra exercise 

Not everyone has the desire or time to go to the gym for an hour every day. For many people, the idea is simply unappealing. For others, the business of everyday life leaves no time for an extra activity. 

7 Ways Any Man Can Improve His Appearance

Although this type of routine is out of the question for many people’s lifestyles, there are ways of adding in regular exercise that won’t impact too greatly on a busy lifestyle. 

One great way to do this is by rethinking the process of travelling to and from work. Swap a car for a bike, the bus for a walk or even the lift for stairs. Any of these things can really help make a difference when it comes to looking and feeling good.

2. Pay attention to diet

The effects of unhealthy foods on the body are well known and well established. With so many different diet options out there, from total plant-based to those that seem to be solely meat and potatoes, it can be hard to find something that actually works. 

7 Ways Any Man Can Improve His Appearance

With such extreme diets having become so popular, it can be hard to get back to the basics, of what makes your body feel good. This is another brilliant way of improving not only appearance but state of mind too. All it takes is paying attention to the effects that different foods have on the body. Paying attention to what foods create what feelings during digestion, this will naturally encourage the avoidance of substances that create the feelings of, for example, tiredness. 

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3. Pay attention to skincare 

Far too many men out there believe that a standard bar of soap and some water is a sufficient way of caring for their skin, without thinking of how treating skin in this way can lead to long term damage. 

7 Ways Any Man Can Improve His Appearance

Being aware of personal skin type and using an appropriate cleansing product and moisturiser can make all the difference to the day to day look of skin. Creating a routine where these products, as well as sun cream, are applied daily will greatly improve the signs of ageing on the skin.

4. Think about teeth whitening

Many people will consume food and drinks that damage the colour of teeth daily. For those out there that are coffee, tea, or wine lovers, it is worth being aware of how these beverages affect the teeth. Coffee, wine and tea all contain ‘tannis’ which is a compound that breaks down in water. Tannis causes the colour compounds of the drinks of stick to the enamel of the teeth, leaving a yellowish stain. 

7 Ways Any Man Can Improve His Appearance

If consuming any of these teeth damaging beverages is a regular pastime then it is worth considering teeth whitening. There are various options like COCO LAB teeth whitening available to improve the colour of teeth from toothpaste to whitening strips, to dental procedures.

5. Keep facial hair in check

As many fashion stylists will describe this decade seems to be one that can be described as ‘peak beard’ meaning, the bearded look is all over popular culture. It is certainly a frequently sported look, but, having a beard does not mean one is free from shaving responsibilities. 

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Cleansing toning and moisturizing

Keeping facial hair in check, ensuring it is never unkempt of unruly can have a huge impact on a man’s appearance. Investing in a quality razor or trimmer is an easy way of making sure everything stays neat and tidy. If the beard is a look of choice there are some great options of oil to keep it looking silky and soft. 

6. Choose a haircut to be proud of 

A good haircut really can make the world of difference. Making sure that hair is cut to suit both personal style and face shape can really impact on physical appearance. Realising your personal face shape can be much easier than first expected, and once this is learned, talk to the barber about what haircuts would best suit you. 

7 Ways Any Man Can Improve His Appearance

For some men, although they are able to understand what suits them, they will encounter the added issue of hair loss. Hair loss not only impacts the way hair looks and feels but can only have an effect on self-confidence too. Hair transplants are a really great way of eradicating this concern, as they are quickly able to stimulate the growth of hair in areas otherwise unable. Visit Get Hair for information on how a hair transplant works. 

7. Pay attention to posture 

7 Ways Any Man Can Improve His Appearance

Anyone who stands with a straight back and an uplifted chest not only looks taller and leaner but will give off an atmosphere of quiet confidence. To ensure good posture weight should rest towards the front of the foot, the torso should feel taught and shoulders should be rolled back. 

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