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How to Hone in on Your Personal Style

Finding your personal style is sometimes easier said than done. Often our wardrobes are full of an amalgamation of a mixture of styles and influences, and so picking apart who we really are style-wise can be a bit of a task. If you’re looking to discover your personal style this year, then here are the best ways of discovering how best to cultivate a look that is quintessentially you, in a way that is flattering and authentic. 

Find influence, but don’t necessarily copy 

Influence is so important to cultivating a personal style, but unfortunately, we don’t all have the looks of some of the frontmen of the bands that influenced us. That said, it is possible to echo and influence without entirely copying it entirely. If you grew up listening to punk music, take accents of plaid, leather or torn denim and add elements of them to your outfit. Just a few key highlights will stop your outfit from looking too teenager-like or from being a complete copycat replica. 

Flatter yourself

If you have never looked good in stonewashed denim and never will, despite your best efforts, then you may have to cut your losses. You are far better off finding colors and textures that look great on you and with your skin tone, than wasting time on a look that does nothing for you. The same goes for other features of your outfits. For example, if you need glasses to see, then find frames that really tie together your outfit – don’t leave them as an afterthought. If you worry about your glasses getting broken as a result of your day-to-day work, then you can still find luxury and practicality, with brands such as Flexon glasses.

Add accents of contemporary fashion

If you have already found your style, this doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more on-trend fashion accents. For example, satin is set to be huge this year, but the idea of a full satin suit could be enough to make most people wince. However, opting for a satin tie, or maybe even a stylish pocket square made from this material could be a cheeky way of adding this fabric. 

Remember, too, that retro styles also weave their way back into contemporary fashion trends. For example, if your personal style focusses on retro favorites, you will be pleased to know that flares are set to make a big comeback. This means you can harness this trend and use it to your full advantage. You can easily make new trends your own by using a bit of creativity and by cross-pollinating it with your own particular style. 

When it comes to honing in on your personal style, don’t be afraid to adapt it as the decade  changes. You can be a devotee to mod culture and still have a belt or shirt that was bought in 2010. The best way to make your own style work for you is to find elements that flatter you and can be enhanced. 

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