Acne Studios Menswear Fall/Winter 2020 Paris

The looks of Acne Studios Menswear Fall/Winter 2020 Paris. An exploration of the possibilities of using Artificial Intelligence as a source of design inspiration.⁣

Thousands of classic Acne Studios looks were fed into various neural networks and generative systems, often incorrectly to cause intentional mistakes. The result was renderings of looks that did not exist, which were then taken as a design starting point, creating bold suggestions in clothing.

Most of the designs are muted, with occasional jolts of colour.

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  1. Bailoir Smith

    To be brutally honest i havnt been impressed by any of the fashion for a while it just half done and mix matched and not appealing we need to swing the pendulum back to middle desperatly so we can compete with the oposite sex at the moment its not happening at the moment dont get t me wrong fashion is my passion! ✈️

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