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How Fashion Trend Becomes Eco-Friendly?

Over the years, people are becoming more and more aware of the impact of their actions on the environment. This is the reason why different industries strive to create sustainable products that will greatly help in restoring the environment, even in the fashion industry. With ‘fast fashion’ out, sustainable fashion is in.

How Fashion Trend Becomes Eco-Friendly

Thus, in the last couple of years, the trend in the fashion industry is no longer about seasonal colors or must-have styles, but it became all about sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion encompasses the overall production process of fabric, clothing, and accessories, with the goal of paving the way for fashion that’s good for the planet. This is because there are several issues that sustainable fashion aims to address.

Issues Addressed by Sustainable Fashion

Water Usage. An immense amount of water is necessary for the production of polyester for a single pair of jeans. With freshwater necessary in more important aspects such as for drinking or agriculture, it can be deemed that the reduction of water usage is one of the key aspects that sustainable fashion aims to address. Thus, more and more brands are looking into fabric production processes that will require minimal water usage.

Toxic Chemicals. Another issue that sustainable fashion aims to address is the use of hazardous and toxic chemicals in the fabrication of clothing pieces and accessories. Artificial dyes and finishes are not only some of the main pollutants in water sources, but they can also be dangerous for the health of the workers involved. While the chemicals may pose no harm to the end-user of the product, these may cause problems for the workers involved in the production.

How Fashion Trend Becomes Eco-Friendly

Excessive Waste. One of the main goals of sustainable fashion is to create clothing pieces that will last because the production of any new has a negative impact in terms of excessive usage of resources. Thus, sustainable fashion sees to it that waste is minimized by creating products that are reusable for a long-term basis because of durability and classic styles that can be worn over and over again. In parallel to this, sustainable fashion encourages upcycling products to be able to reuse them for another purpose once they have run their course.

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Agriculture. Cotton, which is the main component used to manufacture new textile, is grown using pesticides that are harmful not only to farmers, but the wildlife where they are grown. Thus, sustainable fashion aims to reduce, if not totally eliminate, the need for cotton by using other fibers that will yield clothing pieces of the same quality, or even better. Thus, below are some of the most sustainable fashion pieces that are produced in a more environmentally-friendly manner.

How Fashion Trend Becomes Eco-Friendly

Most Sustainable Fashion Pieces

  • Apparel and Accessories from Food Waste

Pineapple leaf fibers are known to be one of the best leather alternatives while orange is transformed into a silky and soft yarn. Even jewelry pieces can be made from coffee grounds. All over the world, designers and brands alike are continuously researching and exploring methods that they can implement in order to produce sustainable fashion pieces from food waste.

How Fashion Trend Becomes Eco-Friendly
  • Yarn from Recycled Materials

There are already several actresses who modeled clothing made from yarn that is from recycled materials. For instance, Emma Watson once wore a gown that is woven from yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. Adidas also created shoes that used recycled yarns and filaments from ocean waste. Likewise, H&M, a popular clothing brand, produced evening wear made of recycled polyester that comes from shoreline waste. Below are more fashion brands that revolutionized their system to adapt to sustainable fashion.

Sustainable Fashion Brands

Levis. Levis aims to reduce water usage in manufacturing their jeans by focusing on their finishing processes. With Levis being a big player in the denim industry, this step significantly impacts how jeans and denim are produced even for their competitors. This commitment to sustainable fashion is publicly shared by the company.

How Fashion Trend Becomes Eco-Friendly

Alternative Apparel. Alternative apparel focuses on the use of organic cotton and recycled materials. Their classic and timeless pieces are often closet staples to ensure that the pieces never go out of style, regardless of the season. What is even better is that this company also uses sustainable packaging.

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Pact. Pact is a fashion brand that strictly implements organic guidelines in their manufacturing process. The pajamas and underwear, apart from the soft and comfy everyday wear. Best of all, their clothing line is not only for women, but they do cater to men and children as well.

How Fashion Trend Becomes Eco-Friendly

Everlane. Everlane is another brand that is committed to ensuring that their manufacturing processes are ethical and sustainable. Their factories are regularly audited and checked to ensure that their guidelines are strictly followed. Apart from this, their pieces are often durable, making the clothes last longer, eliminating the need for you to buy more clothing pieces that may end up as waste products later on.

thredUP. thredUP is not really a clothing line, but it is an online site that encourages the use of repurposed clothing. They are open to people who would like to sell their used clothes or buy second-hand clothing. To ensure the quality of the products managed in their business, they perform a close inspection of the second-hand clothes sold to them for the purchase of other buyers.

How Fashion Trend Becomes Eco-Friendly

There are still several other brands that are keen on sustainable fashion because it can be deemed that this is not only a trend, but a revolution in the fashion industry. This is because even consumers are becoming more and more aware of the impact of their decisions, not only on the fashion industry but on the environment as well.

The fashion industry became eco-friendly through the use of sustainable resources in creating clothing pieces and articles that even the A-list stars love to wear. This is because people are now more aware of the environmental issues that the world is now facing as a result of modernization and industrialization. Thereby, as they say in the fashion industry, green is the new black.

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