The Cool Dad Guide: 8 Tips of How to Rock Streetwear as a Dad

The Cool Dad Guide: 8 Tips of How to Rock Streetwear as a Dad

One of the best things life has to offer is being a father. There is a certain joy that is associated with being a dad. However, while the whole idea of being a father is awesome, it does come with its downside. One of its biggest downsides comes in terms of the fashion sense. In the spirit of being a dad, we tend to lose our fashion sense. Do you feel like you have lost your fashion since fatherhood knocked on your doorsteps? Then you should consider rocking streetwear. Here is how to wear streetwear like a grownup?

  • Start with the shoes.

For most of us, we have heard of Drake’s hit song, “Started from the Bottom.” When it comes to wearing streetwear like a grownup the song should be your mantra. A lot of people when it comes to wearing streetwear, focus too much of their attention on the streetwear brands forgetting to pay any attention to their shoes. However, in the streetwear fashion industry, shoes form a crucial aspect of the whole outfit. They are what we call the icing on the cake or in our case, the outfit. While incomes to streetwear, a lot of people tend to associate streetwear with a pair of expensive Yeezy. On the contrary on splurging your hand money on some expensive pair of Yeezy or Nike’s, you can get a pair of stylish trainers. Not only should the pair of shoes but also comfortable and high quality to ensure that you keep the pair for a long time.

  • Don’t fall for the hype

Streetwear is all about the hype. Brands such as Supreme have built their brands out of the hype that is associated with the streetwear hype. It is for that reason you see a lot of young people camping in some brands stores to get the latest releases. However, as a dad and as a grown-up you should not fall into this vicious cycle. Instead, you can go the alternate route of wearing below the radar labels. Since a lot of labels do notice the impact of streetwear in the fashion industry it is not uncommon to see some of these cool streetwear brands releasing their forms of streetwear.

  • Simple is the ultimate sophistication
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In the modern world of social media, you are likely to see a social media star rocking different streetwear labels in your outfit. You may think that this is how to wear streetwear like a grownup. However, that is far from the truth. Rather than resorting to what you see on social media in terms of rocking streetwear, you should resort to keeping it simple. Simplicity will take you a long way when it comes to rocking streetwear.

  • Rock streetwear on a budget

One of the most challenging aspects of being a dad is ensuring that all of your family and personal needs fit your wallet. It can be challenging especially during these hard economic times. When it comes to rocking streetwear ensure that you don’t splurge your hard-earned money on expensive brands or go broke while trying to stay with the latest fashion trend. When it comes to how to wear streetwear as a grownup goes within your budget even though they may be temptations to splurge more into expensive brands. However, you should know that your family comes first and there is no need to rocking expensive streetwear while your family is going hungry. Remember at the end of the day all we have is our family.

  • Be yourself and be proud

We are living in a social media world, which has bred a crop of fake individuals. We can see some of them on social media pretending to live a fancy lifestyle. However, some individuals try to copy what they see on social media. This is not only harmful to your personality but also your relationship with others and also your finances. Instead of trying to copy everything you see on social media how about you be yourself. In the world of nine billion people, there is no one like you, and the biggest crime you can do when it comes to how to wear streetwear like a grownup is not to be yourself. So be yourself when rocking streetwear, and trust us you will never go wrong.

  • Go for comfort

During the launch of streetwear as a fashion trend, it was associated with baggy clothes. The baggy trend can be seen in our daily life. However, instead of resorting to wearing baggy streetwear, you should instead go for comfort. You can pick streetwear that is not only comfortable but also loose.

  • Go black

In the world of how to wear streetwear like a grown-up, there are multiple colors. This can be confusing especially if you are new to the world of streetwear. While the multiple colors are confusing you can be challenging you can never go wrong going for basic colors. One of the best basic colors you can go for is black. Black is one the most classic color streetwear drip that will never go old even in the hundreds of years to come.

  • Choice of fabrics

A lot of millennials when it comes to rocking streetwear, they tend to pay little attention to the fabrics used in the creation of streetwear. This is an expensive mistake that you should avoid at all costs. Instead of going for the most current trend, you should think about the fabrics. Go for long-lasting fabrics. Not only do these fabrics ensure that you enjoy your streetwear for a long time but they also ensure you remain stylish.


After reading the article, do you now know how to wear streetwear like a grown-up? Streetwear is a current fashion trend and as a dad, you can still pull it out without people saying that you are going through a middle life crisis. With the above tips, you can rock streetwear as a dad. Not will you be looking stylish but every time you attend your kid’s event while rocking streetwear, you will be considered the cool dad. Who does not want to be called the cool dad?

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