Clothing Etiquette: Dressing Well for Men

Clothing Etiquette: Dressing Well for Men

From the glamour of the Golden Globes to the big runway of fashion statements, the MET Gala, men have long been showcasing their dashing looks. Some may be old-fashioned, as they go for the more traditional look of black and white. While others go for a more daring look, exhibiting their boldness every opportunity they are given. One thing they all have in common is their ability to dress well. The red carpet attendees dress in designers, we can hardly afford. However, dressing well has nothing to do with affordability, and everything to do with our ability to understand the fashion protocol. 

So, here is how you can join the league of extraordinary gentlemen.

Invest in a Good Watch

A watch is every gentleman’s best friend, and by no means is it to be regarded as an accessory. Apart from its ability to tell you the time, a watch’s most dominant job is to supplement your outfit and make you look better. Watches should be personal but also practical. The fashion gurus over at menstopspot.com explain that apart from what a watch says about your personality and the swag it adds to your dressing, it is a functional aspect of your outfit whether it is at work or on the weekend. It is best that you invest in a leather band watch, since replacing the band adds to the practicality of it while giving you swag. 

Your Ultimate Guide to Used Watch Buying
selecting a wrist watch from shop

Wear a Suit

Suits are all about getting down to business, so you do not have to worry about someone not taking you seriously. The most important aspect of a suit is the fit. Make sure that it fits right in the shoulders. Also, opt for one that flatters your chest and waist. If you’re unable to find a suit that fits right at all these places, at least make sure it fits the shoulders well. The rest can be easily altered. 

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Tropical Weight Stretch Worsted Wool Tokyo Suit

Do Not Shy Away from Colors

Colors are every gentleman’s secret weapon. So, whether you are in your jeans and shirt or if you are wearing a suit, always add a flair of color. It shows confidence and makes your outfit stand out. Maybe throw in some pink or different shades of green, or just add a little mustard to get things going. 

Wear Your Jeans Right

When you are picking out a pair of jeans, you will want to look at two things: color and cut. For the more casual commitments, a light blue shade will do. However, for more serious commitments, a pair of dark blue jeans is essential. As for the cut, you should look to go for a slim-tapered. It is wide at all the right places and narrows down just enough to give you a smart and sharp look. 

Levi’s Jeans

Your Shoes

You have probably heard that the first thing someone will notice about you is your shoes. That said, you should not ever spare a dime on your shoes and always make sure they are shiny and look good. Loafers are a classic option, while the eternal Derby is just as stylish. Always take good care of your shoes.

The more stylish a man is, the more confident he’ll be. The secret to dressing well, largely lies in matching the right colors and making the best choices. Two aspects that should stand out above all others are your shoes and your watch. By getting these two right, it becomes hard to go wrong with the rest.

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