How to Write a Successful Fashion Blog

How to Write a Successful Fashion Blog

Many of us share the passion for fashion, but not all are courageous enough to launch a fashion blog. Why? Because blogging is far from easy, especially in such a huge industry as the fashion industry is right now. You need to learn how to start a fashion blog, but that’s just the starting point. Once you create it, you need to work on it, network, and keep building it for as long as you want it to stay popular. 

How to Write a Successful Fashion Blog

The statistics make it seem impossible. Reports say that over 90% of blogs fail and disappear from the Web every year, which means that their owner’s strategies were really bad. But, if you look at this number from a different, more competitive perspective, it’s actually great news. It might sound bad to say it but, this means that you don’t have as much of a competition as you thought, at least not good competition.

With this in mind, you are probably tempted to try your luck on the market and do what you crave to do for so long. Creating a blog doesn’t cost a fortune but has a great prospect of making you one if you know how to handle it. Below, you’ll learn not only how to make blog, but also how to make it rise above its competition.

How to Write a Successful Fashion Blog
  • Get a Good Domain Name

I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. You can have the greatest marketing strategies but, if your blog’s name is too common, it won’t stick around in the target audience’s minds. As is the practice of most of the successful bloggers, you should start a WordPress blog and get a domain name. This is one of the most popular platforms for many reasons but, most importantly, it’s easy to use even if you haven’t done this before. 

  • Choose Your Style
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There are plenty of aspiring bloggers out there, which is why you need to offer something they don’t have. What is it that’s special about you and your fashion talents? A great fashion blogger stands out, so you better figure this out so that you can create your blogging strategy accordingly. 

How to Write a Successful Fashion Blog
  • Start Creating Amazing Content

You might want to wait until you’ve created at least a dozen great pieces before you go online with your blog. Your blog should have a solid number of pages to offer to those who are interested in it. This usually takes much more time than creating the blog and, if you aren’t really good at writing content, I’d recommend services that wrote my essay whenever I couldn’t at school and wrote my blog posts whenever I couldn’t fulfil my schedule. 

How to Write a Successful Fashion Blog
  • Put Your Face and Your Story on It

It is now time to make your fashion blog personal. You are the centre of your blog, the person who manages it, promotes it, and gets it to the audience. This is why you should tell people your story, the reason why you started the blog. Also, tell them who you are, show them if possible – it helps make a connection. 

  • Track and Copy the Competition

As terrible as this sounds, it’s the right move. Don’t plagiarize the content or the ideas of the competition – that’s a really bad idea and might get you into a lot of trouble. You don’t have to plagiarize to copy a good idea. The trick is to follow popular fashion bloggers and steal their ideas – but be better than them. See what works for them, try to understand their style, and find your own way to attract with it. 

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How to Write a Successful Fashion Blog
  • Be Professional

A lot in the fashion world relies on visualization. Therefore, get professional with the photos, graphics, and videos. They can make a great deal of difference in how your blog is seen by the visitors. 

  • Learn SEO 

SEO is not so hard to master and, considering how crucial it is if you want your blog to be seen by people, you should definitely invest yourself into learning about it. The harder part is to keep track of it. You need to constantly follow SEO trends to impress the algorithms and get high in search engines. 

  • Network All Around

There’s a lot to learn about networking when you create your blog. Endless strategies exist that will help you get your blog out there. The important thing is to take your time and make contacts. Do some guest blogging, work on your outbound strategy, create a nice email strategy, hire influencers, and keep in touch with your audience. The efforts are small, but they matter a lot. 

How to Write a Successful Fashion Blog

Have you made up your mind about making a fashion blog? If you have, you’re doing something wonderful, and I can’t wait to see you succeed. Good luck!

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Jeff Blaylock is a fashion blogger and an influencer online. He started his profession after he quit his daily job at a fashion company. Ever since, Blaylock works full time to provide us with amazing content that has more shares than he could ever hope for. 

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