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Designer Watches for Women: 5 Things Your Watch Says About You

It’s often said that you can tell a lot about a woman by the jewelry she puts on, but you can tell even more by the watch she wears.

Watches are not mere tools for telling time, and complementing your sense of style. Despite being created for that purpose, a lot can be drawn from your choice of watch and how you wear it.

Different people draw different conclusions from their observations of your watch. And usually, they’re not far from the truth.

Designer Watches for Women: 5 Things Your Watch Says About You

You, therefore, need to be very careful when choosing a watch to wear.

Below, we’ll look into five everyday things your watch says about you.

  1. You’re a serious, busy person

Never before has a watch been stranger than during this smartphone decade. With clocks present in almost all our devices, it’s become rare coming across a woman with a watch.

And that’s why it speaks a lot if you wear it.

Designer Watches for Women: 5 Things Your Watch Says About You

Whether it’s a designer watch for women, a pocket watch, or a men’s watch, people automatically respect you once you put on a watch.

This is because it shows that you are not an everyday care-free woman. You are serious about your time, and are confident enough to show it.

It also shows that you care about other people’s time. As a result, more people will take you seriously.

  1. You’re refined and focused on details

The type of watch you wear also shows people your status and style. For ladies with style and class, Rolex Ceilini can be a great option.

For instance, it’s common to see top leaders and businessmen with the crème de la crème of watches – Rolex, Teddy Baldassarre or Patek Phillippe, etc. These brands are thus associated with authority and wealth.

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The same applies to your watch. 

Designer Watches for Women: 5 Things Your Watch Says About You

With a good watch, everyone around you will treat you as an authoritative figure. Others will determine that you pay attention to details and so give you the best services all through.

You may not have a Rolex, but you can still put on a quality designer watch for women, to match your style and stature.

  1. You’re an adventurous person

The best thing about watches is that there’s one for every activity. So, the watch you opt to wear should be relevant to the activity you’re about to take.

This shows right from the straps you choose, the material, and the decorations you opt for.

Designer Watches for Women: 5 Things Your Watch Says About You

For instance, if your watch is waterproof, and very sporty, one can only take that you engage in a ton of extra activities. Anything from swimming, hiking, marathons, and diving comes to mind.

Nonetheless, such a watch sends a mixed message to your colleagues if you’re going to the office. To some people, you’ll seem care-free while to others, daring.

  1. You mind your health 

Watches today are evolving from just telling time to recording heart rates, calculating calories, and even counting your running distance. 

This means that if you possess any of these ‘smartwatches’ people will perceive you as one who’s mindful of your health.  

It also shows that you are an open-minded person who embraces new technology. 

  1. You’re not insecure

This is probably the most significant benefit of having a good watch.

Quality, stylish watches tend to draw attention to it and, therefore, hides anything you are insecure about. It’s a good distraction for most people.

Designer Watches for Women: 5 Things Your Watch Says About You

However, for it to do this, you have to get something unique. An excellent choice is designer watches for women. They’re bright and shiny and have the right designs to attract people’s attention.

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 It’s also a great conversation starter if you’re an introvert or shy. With a good watch, you can hide all your flaws.

Final thoughts

The watch you wear says a lot about you – more than you’d care to admit. However, for both men and women, it’s important to select your watch carefully.

Designer Watches for Women: 5 Things Your Watch Says About You

The watch can tell your personality, your job, your financial status, and even your hobbies. So, if you don’t want to send the wrong message to the world, you’d better think twice before choosing that watch.

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