4 Ways Stylish Men Can Dress More Sustainably

As a society, it is more important than ever before that we take responsibility for the damage that we are causing to the environment. However, many people are unaware of how their own habits and lifestyle choices have a huge impact on the planet. Fast fashion is a huge problem in society today and we have all become accustomed to getting the clothes we want, when we want, and for as cheap as possible. 

However, there are more sustainable ways to create your wardrobe that can still be cost-effective, while also providing you with the stylish clothing and fashion trends you are accustomed to. So, to give you a few tips and ideas, here are 4 ways stylish men can dress more sustainably. 

Take Stock of Your Wardrobe

Many of us do not really know what clothing items we have hanging in our wardrobes, which could lead to you not making the most out of the stylish threads you buy. Also, you could find yourself buying new items of clothing that you already have at home without realizing. 

So, we recommend that you go through your wardrobe and familiarize yourself with the items you have hanging up. Doing a quick check and organizing your stylish closet can make a huge difference when trying to create a greener wardrobe. 

Make Your Own Clothes 

One of the best ways to dress more sustainably is to make your own clothes. While this may sound daunting, it is a lot more straightforward than you might think and provides you with the opportunity to wear unique clothes made just for you! 

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If you are a man who takes his style seriously, then you can really stand out from the crowd wearing an item of clothing that you made yourself. Never again will you worry about wearing the same shirt as someone else on a night out!

4 Ways Stylish Men Can Dress More Sustainably

This also provides you the opportunity to create the perfect look even if you are unable to find the garments you are looking for in stores. 

Making your own clothes is much easier if you have a male mannequin on hand as they mimic the male body and help you with the design and manufacturing process.   

Buy from Sustainable Brands 

It is important to note that not all fashion brands and labels take their responsibility towards a greener plant as seriously as others. So, you should do your research and find out which brands are sustainable and conscious of the damage that the fashion industry can cause to the environment. Finding a sustainable brand does not have to be complicated and simply by finding a clothing company who can guarantee that the clothing you buy from them will last, you are making more sustainable clothing purchases. 

4 Ways Stylish Men Can Dress More Sustainably

You may also want to look into not only where your favorite brands are based, but also where they manufacture their clothing. You may be shocked to learn about the number of travel miles your favorite pair of jeans has done by the time it is hung in your closet. 

Repair Your Old Clothes 

We have all been guilty of buying a new item of clothing when we could have replaced the item we already have at home. So, if you want to continue being stylish, but also dress more sustainably, then you should be sure to make repairs wherever possible. Sewing a hole in your sweater not only helps prevent waste and damage to the environment, but it also saves you money! 

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4 Ways Stylish Men Can Dress More Sustainably

Just a few changes to your spending habits and wardrobe choices can make a huge difference to the sustainability of your wardrobe, while still allowing you to remain a stylish and on-trend man. 

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  3. I always considered myself as a nice gentleman and i live purchasing new clothes. But this article changed my life. I’m turning into minimalist.

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    “Repair Your Old Clothes” It also helps to reduce the amount of waste that pollutes the environment Elastic man

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